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Why was Kennedy remembered positively?

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´╗┐Why was Kennedy remembered so positively? JFK was remembered positively by the majority of the people but negatively by others. He was a young, witty and successful man with a cheerful face that ?everyone? loved. He was seen in a positive light as an aspiring young president. However, after his death he was portrayed in a more negative light as reports of his affairs surfaced. Before his death, Kennedy had to face half the population who had voted for Nixon and didn?t approve of him as president and try to win them over. However, he tackled certain things successfully, making a speech in 1962 committing himself to civil rights. Kennedy was one of nine; he was the second eldest son and nicknamed Jack. He and his older brother Joe was the apple of their father?s eye. Although his father had many affairs, the family stayed strong and his mother remained loyal. Kennedy was successful in the 1960 election, but only just. His charm, humour and the catchy lyrics of his campaign all contributed to his popularity and the amount of votes he received. However, this was going to cause difficulties for him as half the population didn?t vote for him, especially as he won by only 1% against Nixon. He had to show that he deserved it. To prove himself, he presented many ideas; one of which was putting a man on the moon, another was to achieve equality for black people and to keep the US economy strong. ...read more.


He had clearly learnt from his mistakes at the Bay of Pigs and used the experience. He handled the crisis well and used his own initiative and knowledge from previous operations. Kennedy?s early death created the: ?What would he have achieved if he had lived? idea. His death in 1963 was just 6 years before his NASA space programme launched the first space shuttle to the moon. Unfortunately, he never got to see this- but if he had, what would he have done next? Kennedy, before his death, stated that he wanted to focus on the children and their education, especially science; he believed they were the scientists of the future. After his death everyone was left wondering what he could have done to improve their education. The idea of not knowing what Kennedy planned to do in the future created a positive memory of all the things he had already accomplished, for example, the Cuban missile crisis which he had handled well out of all his operations. Jackie Kennedy?s social sectary, Letitia Daldrige states ?If you put all of these factors together the style and the grace and the beauty- you realise that the legend does continue?. Kennedy?s ideas are still politically powerful today. He was seen and remembered as a ?future-looking? president- his ideas back then are similar to those of today and he will be remembered positively because of that. ...read more.


Kennedy?s image after his death was boosted by the idea of what could have happened next, or what else he could have achieved. His premature death left everyone wondering what he would have done in the future, whether or not he would have stuck to his word or how he would handle the next crisis that arose. His death meant that he didn?t leave people with a bad memory of him, he had died a ?hero? and no one could have predicted his accomplishments in the future. As nobody could have foreseen the future for Kennedy, nobody knows his next moves, but for the time he was president, Kennedy is remembered the ?future-looking president? who?s ideas are similar to those of Barack Obama in more recent times. This also gives him a good image. On the other hand, people who do not know all the facts may have had their opinions of Kennedy influenced by filmmakers, journalists and various other types of media. It is easy nowadays, with large amounts of technology for a filmmaker to express certain opinions without it being obvious to the viewers. They choose what to include and exclude- therefore people have been force fed specific pieces of information without realising. This may have been one factor contributing to the positive image of Kennedy. Kennedy does not deserve the positive interpretation that has been created for him until all his scandals, affairs and facts about him have been revealed to the public to make their own judgement on him and his mysterious presidency. ...read more.

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