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Why was prohibition introduced in the U.S.A in 1919?

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Why was prohibition introduced in the U.S.A in 1919? Prohibition was the total ban on the sale, consumption and production of alcohol and was introduced in 1920 for several reasons. The main reasons for prohibition were due to the religious beliefs of some American people, the disruption in factories caused due to drinking, scientific and medical evidence that showed the damage caused by drinking, and crime due to alcohol. America being such a large country meant that the complete ban on alcohol was not a quick process. America works on a system by which a constitution is laid down and each state bases it's law on an interpretation of the constitution, the result of this is that each state has slightly different laws. ...read more.


To help the prohibition process along the Volstead act was introduced, this act gave advice on how to introduce the ban. The long road to prohibition had only just started and no one thought it would be easy. There were many pressures put on State and central Government by different sections of the community and large organisations. One such group was the Protestants and the Methodists, their reasons for the abstinence of Alcohol was their faith. They believed that drink was evil and enslaved people to it. They set up the Women's Christian Temperance Union and also allied with the Anti-Saloon League. ...read more.


The productivity lost from drunken workers proved costly for employers, this is strongly evidenced by a source stating that John D Rockefeller poured $350,000 into the Anti-Saloon League in one year and $75,000 thereafter. In the early1920s this was a considerable sum of money. The industrialists were great assets to the Anti-drink leagues, and were arguably the biggest force behind prohibition. Many people stopped drinking beers and malt liquors between 1914-17 mainly because Germans brewed them. Also the malt used in the brewing process were needed during the war for bread and other uses, some people saw it similar to treason to drink Beers. In 1917 the use of grain in brewing was banned. At this time prohibition received a boost due to the hostility towards the Germans. ...read more.

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