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Why was Prohibition introduced in the U.S.A in 1919?

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1. Why was Prohibition introduced in the U.S.A in 1919? Prohibition was introduced first of all in 1851 in the state of Maine, but by 1917, after a lot of campaigning, two-thirds of the country followed Maine's example. The prohibition law was a ban on the making or selling of alcohol throughout the state. This made it extremely difficult to consume alcohol. There were many campaigns trying to convince the majority of people that alcohol was wrong, and should be banned by the vote. ...read more.


It was not only that fact that money that was being spent on alcohol but also alcohol had perverse affects on people's health and Health Experts all agreed that alcohol should be banned. There was also other groups that agreed that alcohol did not have a positive affect on people or the community that they live in. Businessmen, Anti-Saloon groups and World War One supporters all felt that for the main reasons that prohibition should be introduced in the U.S.A. The Anti-Saloon league wanted to ban alcohol for many reasons that other committees campaigned for as well. ...read more.


Everyday people supported the anti - saloon league, whilst family values were supported mainly by the families because they were directly involved. The prohibition law may have been passed with the best intentions in mind, but overall it failed. Alcohol consumption rose and disrespected for the law heightened to the extent that organised crime was ruling the community. Due to alcohol being banned, people wanted more they rebelled because they saw no wrong in breaking this certain law. They had always drunk before, so why stop? There were more alcohol outlets and more alcohol was being drunk than before prohibition. Words ~ 313 Melissa Quazi 11/2/02 ...read more.

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