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Why was Prohibition introduced in the USA in 1919

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Why was Prohibition introduced in the USA in 1919 There were many reasons why prohibition was introduced in the USA. Christianity was one of the reasons. Patriotism was another reason. Health problems, both morally and physically, and America's problems were other reasons. Politicians who wanted the vote were the fifth reason. Finally, the fact that the prohibition already existed in some US states helped to make it go nationwide. Patriotism also made Prohibition start. After World War, One there was a very strong anti-German feeling. This affected the sale of alcohol because Germans ran many of the breweries in America. As you can probably guess, the Germans were probably not the most popular people in America at this time. ...read more.


They even set up an anti-saloon league, which tried to ban alcoholic drinks everywhere in America. Christians were one of the main reasons for prohibition being introduced in America in1919. Another reason that Prohibition started was politicians wanting the vote. As many people were in favour of Prohibition, a good way for politicians to win votes was to promise Prohibition in their area if they were elected. This was clever campaigning by the politician and very soon, politicians would promise Prohibition even if they were against it themselves. The health problems relating to alcohol also helped Prohibition come into force. Many people believed that alcohol was a cause for many health problems. ...read more.


This made the population eager for Prohibition. The final reason for the nationwide introduction of Prohibition was that it already existed in a number of states. This made it a lot easier to ban alcohol across the country as some people were already used to not drinking anyway. These were the main reasons that Prohibition was introduced in the USA in 1919. There was not a major event or action that caused Prohibition but a series of events and feelings. The main reason, in my opinion, was the Christian fundamentalists who wanted alcohol banned. This is because if they did not set up the Anti-saloon league, no one would have been interested in the problems of the alcohol. Politicians would not have promised to ban alcohol if they were not trying desperately to get the Christian vote. Daniel Cooper 11T ...read more.

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