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Why was Prohibition introduced in the USA?

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2. (a) Why was Prohibition introduced in the USA? Although prohibition was only introduced in 1919, the movement had already begun in 1830 when women opposed men drinking. Some of the first states to become dry in the USA were the southern states. These states were often very racist and banning alcohol was another form of them taking freedoms away from black people. Another reason why prohibition was enforced was because of religious reasons. The USA was mainly protestant and they don't like people to consume alcohol this is because it often led to evil uncontrolled acts and desires. Alchol also caused family problems, as men who drunk at this time in the USA and they would often drink away all the money the family had leaving nothing for food and children deprived. Alcohol sometimes caused men to become violent towards members of their families. As a result of this we're led to the fourth reason the women who opposed the drinking also brought about the prohibition. ...read more.


People would hide alcohol in hollowed out canes, water bottles, and canisters under jackets, tied around shins and tied around waists. The agents were poorly paid and as a result, they readily accepted bribes to compensate their low pay. These bootleggers saw a rise in gangster activity which managed to overpowered many of the authorities. The up rise in gangster activity was due to the prohibition as it gave them a method of supply and demand. The gangster caused gangster wars as smuggling made a lot of money. Apart from bootlegging the gangs were involved in prostitution and protection rackets. Protection rackets were basically blackmail where they would ask for money in return for not smashing up the shops and businesses of the people they approached. In the 1920's there was an increase in crime. Anyone who touched alcohol became a criminal and despite this continued. Therefore far from reducing the crime rate in the USA prohibition increased it. ...read more.


Their wages did go up in the 1920�s but they did not increase anything like company profits. The large companies became richer and richer however workers wages didn't increase also. Unemployment did not fall, the percentage of people unemployed in 1929 was the same as in 1920. President Hoover's belief in 'Rugged Individualism' meant these people did not receive welfare support from the government. Agriculture also suffered a huge decline, even though it was once the primary industry of America. Farm prices fell, to the advantage of the consumer and led to widespread closure, especially in the South. Black people also didn't prosper. Segregation and racial prejudice meant that they were forced into the most badly paid jobs and given the worst education. As there were a new type of immigrants who were Italian and other European countries. The immigrants were illiterate, weren't very educated and didn't speak the language, because of this they couldn't investment money in things such as the stock market so they were economically excluded. ...read more.

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