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why was richard arkwirght so succsessful

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Why was Richard Arkwright so successful? Richard Arkwright was born in Preston, Lancashire, England in 1732. In Preston he was a wig-maker of the best fashion. At that time the textile industry was experiencing a shortage of cotton threads. So Arkwright, in 1769 designed a spinning frame by which the cotton fibre was spun into threads. His father was a tailor and coming from a tailor's family he new that spinning was a long and tiring process so he decided invent a device that would speed up the process, the spinning frame. Arkwright started working on his invention on the spinning frame in the 1760's but it was not perfected until 1768. ...read more.


Arkwright had a keen business mind but for this business to work he needed money, so he went into partnership with Jedediah Strut. He also went into partnership with two stocking manufactures. With the money form donations and the money that the three men put in they were able to put a fourteen-year patent against the spinning frame. Together, in 1771, they built a cotton-spinning factory in Earnford, which can be found in Derbyshire. The factory was very successful because he had many loyal employees and this was because there were many things he did for his workers: - ? He gave them a warm, dry place to live. ? He treated the children well. ? He employed whole families. ...read more.


The spinning frame then became known as the water frame. Although his invention had a patent on it was being copied by manufactures. He tried to get people to pay him for using his ideas but this made him become very very unpopular. In 1778, Arkwright travelled all over Britton advertising his mill, he picked up a lot of new orders for his cotton and in 1789 he invited writers and artists to visit the famous mill to write about it and paint pictures of it. He used these to advertise the mill and make the mill even more famous. However, sadly, in 1792, he died. When he died his whole empire was worth about half a million pounds. He was also knitted Sir Richard Arkwright. ...read more.

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