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Why Was't the First World War the War to end all Wars?

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WHY WAS'T THE FIRST WORLD WAR THE WAR TO END ALL WARS? The allies, following great losses especially Britan and France, were keen to prevent such a tragedy from re-occuring, they did this by not preventing Germany from rearmaring, they also didn't stick to what they planned to in the treaty of Versailes. Britan and France seemed more concerned with the spread of communism then what Hitlar was doing. Both Britan and France remembered the horrific experences of the first world war. Hitlar believed that Germany would become a great nation again under his rule. People thought that the treaty of Versailles was unfair to Germany, once a proud nation, now under the control of a foreign nation, helpless to do anything to stop. ...read more.


France's premier, Georges Clemenceau, stands to invite the German delegates into the room. President Wilson is seated just to the left, while Britain's David Lloyd George is two seats to the right; The treaty of versatiles included the following: ???he German army was cut to 100,000 men. Only volenteers could join the army ??The navy could only have six battleships ??Germany was not allowed to build any submarines, planes and tanks ??Germany was not allowed to keep any troops in the Rhineland, allied troops were to be stationed there for fifteen years Concequences: ??German soldiers and sailors bitterly resented this. They wanted to rebuild their forces ??Instead of keeping a massive army, Germany built a small, well trained army which could train ...read more.


Some histoians criticised this policy, but at the time there were only a few people, like Winston Churchill (below), who opposed it. Germeny began to re-arm under Hitlars rule, they started to build ships, tanks (shown below) and weapons ready to take revenge on the allies. Having large numbers of weapons meant that Germany could attack when and where they wanted suprising the allies. Hitlar wanted to attack Great Britan and France before they had a chance to recover from the effects of World War One. In Conclusion the Second World War was started for two main reasons; 1); Germany's wish for revenge after the humiliation of the First World War and the concequences which followed 2); The inability of the allies to prevent Germany from rearmouring prevoked the start of the Second World War. ...read more.

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