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Why Was the Battle of the Somme Regarded As Such a Great Military Tragedy?

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WHY WAS THE BATTLE OF THE SOMME REGARDED AS SUCH A GREAT MILITARY TRAGEDY? In 1916 a new commander in cheif was appointed, his name was Douglas Haig. Now that Haig was in charge he could do things the way that he wanted. his plan was to launch a massive attack on the somme and then send the cavaly into open land.The somme attack had to go on 1 month earlier because of an attack on verdun to draw them away. What was thought to be an easy victory turned out to be one of the greatest British military tragedys ever.After many months of sending troops over the trenches the Germans where pushed back 10 km. ...read more.


confusion which made them very easy targets for the German machine gunners and this caused alot of deaths and casulties that could have been avoided. Even if the soilders made it to the enemy trenches there was still a problem of the barbed wire that hadnt been smashed by shell fire in some places and in some places had just made it more tangled, hundereds of soilders where shot while making there way through the tangled barbed wire. It was also thought that the germans knew what Haig was planning because of the German planes flying over the training grounds where the new recriuts where being shown what to do at the Somme using ribbons as trenches and flags to show imaginary shells. ...read more.


It was even worse in winter,the pourus and chalky ground became very muddy and sticky making the land like glue to walk through so this made the soilder tired fast and easyer to hit. The reason for all of this was because of Germanys deep trenches, one week before the attack the British bombarded the Germans with over 1.2 million shells. The aim of this was to destroy the barbed wire and kill all the Germans in the trenches and so the soldiers where expecting an walk over.What the british didnt know was that the Germans had dug deep trenches and had shelter from the bombardment, because of this underestimation thousands where killed and wounded in the first day. So this concludes what a great tragedy the battle of the somme actually was. ...read more.

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