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Why Was the Site for Quarry Bank Mill Chosen By Samuel Greg?

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Why Was the Site for Quarry Bank Mill Chosen By Samuel Greg? In this essay I will be discussing why Samuel Gregg chose Styal as a site for his cotton mill Samuel Greg was born in Belfast in 1758 and his father was also a successful ship owner. He received �26.000 of his uncle and he also received a dowry from his wife which he used to start up his business. Greg decided to build a mill as he realised that the silk and woollen industries were fading out. He decided that he would build his mill in Styal which was basically uninhabited. But also at this time the industrial revolution was taking place, before 1750 women only worked in the home on machines like hand powered looms but the industrial revolution changed this, more factories were starting to be built and people were moving to the cities so they could get work. As this happened around Greg he decided that he could really make something out of a cotton mill. ...read more.


There was two local workforces that were available to Greg, there were the workers of the silk industry which was based in Macclesfield and there was the woollen industry which was based up in the Pennines, the work involved in these industries was very similar to the work involved in the cotton industry, another good thing was that these industries weren't too far away. So when these industries started to fade Greg would have skilled people to work for him. But Greg didn't just need labour he needed cheap labour. Gregg would hire children from the local towns like Wilmslow and Macclesfield and Greg would then house, feed and clothe them in the apprentice house he built. He also built a school for the apprentices to get a good education called Oak school and he built a church for his workers to worship God. Another important reason for Greg's choice was he needed access to raw materials. Raw cotton was shipped in from America then to Liverpool and finally to Styal via the Bridgewater canal although this wasn't built until 1776 Manchester was very important as it was one of the main places for Greg to sell his goods. ...read more.


In conclusion I think that the most important reason for Greg building his mill at Styal was because of the power supply. Without a reliable power supply there would have been no point Gregg building a mill as he wouldn't have been able to power it and with Styal having the river Bollin flowing right through it the Bollin had enough power to keep the factory going. Although the site at styal wasn't really a typical place to build a mill, most other mill owners would have wanted their mills where more people lived and they would have also wanted their mill closer to the city and the ocean but Gregg new that just because he was building in a rural location he Knew that he could make it work. I Think Gregg decided to build at Styal because of all the advantages he had, good transport, cheap land, good resources and good transport links but I personally think the power supply was the most important or none of this would have been possible. ?? ?? ?? ?? Clinton Woollams History Coursework 04-6-2009 ...read more.

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