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Why was the Tsar overthrown at the March revoulution.

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Why Was The Tsar Overthrown At The March Revoulution? There were many reasons for the overthrowing of the Tsar at the March Revoulution of 1917. Some of theses reasons were more important than others and had a effect. In my veiw the most important cause was that Russia was an Autocracy. This sysem ment that the Tsar had complete power and authority. He also had control of the Russian Orthodox Church. All the important decisions were made in Petrograd, and were made entirely by the Tsar. The people of Russia were not involved and had no say and therfore felt as though the Tsar was just ignoring them and did not care about their opinions. ...read more.


There was also a huge harvest loss mainly beacause of the weather. This led for queing for bread and often people would que over night just to get their bread. The Tsar only saw one possible answer, rationing. Rationing had a huge impact as people were not happy with the idea of it and disliked the Tsar for this. This was a short-term cause as it only happened at around the time of the revolution. Strike were occouring all over Russia and had almost risen to An epidemic. These strikes were ongoing since 1914. in Petrograd the putilov factory closed as almost 40,000 people went on strike. ...read more.


This ment that the SRP's were greatly supported. The army mutinied which left the Tsar with no army after they had supported him for a very long time. As the Tsar had made himself the commander in chief of the army he was the only person that could be blamed. The mutiny led to Russia pulling out of the war. This was a very significant cause which left the Tsar realising how bad tthing actually were. This was a shot-term cause and was greatly supported by the Russian people. All these causes led to the overthrowing of the Tsar in March 1917. they played a great deal in the history in Russia. BILAL YASIN 04/05/07 HISTORY MR PYKE BILAL YASIN 04/05/07 HISTORY MR PYKE ...read more.

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