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Why was the Warren commission so widely accepted in 1964

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Why was the Warren commission so widely accepted in 1964? The warren commission were a group of very important American people that were very high up on American life, this made them more believable because they had a lot of power and were an important, respectable group of people. The warren commission had substantial: - a palm print taken from the barrel of the rifle was identified as belonging to Oswald, as were the prints on the brown paper bag that the rifle had been transported in to the book depository in. Paraffin tests on Oswald's hands suggested he had fired a gun recently. The rifle (Mannlicher Carcano, serial number C-2766) had been purchased under the assumed name 'A.Hiddell'; handwriting experts matched the writing on the order form and the signature with Oswald's handwriting. Oswald had used the name Hiddell and when arrested Oswald was carrying a forged identity card bearing the name Alek J. Hiddell. The mail order company had sent the rifle from Chicago to P.O box 2915, Dallas Texas. ...read more.


The warren commission link this to the other evidence including the witnesses that saw Oswald carrying a brown paper bag containing what he said to be curtain rails into Buole Wesley Frasier's car and Oswald shooting officer Tippet with 4 revolver shots to avoid arrest, this is staggering evidence which makes the evidence of the bullet staying in good condition a smaller piece of evidence. Lee Harvey Oswald's background, in October 1959 Oswald entered the Soviet Union on a 6-day tourist Visa. On the 31st October 1959 he gave up his American passport and was allowed to stay in the USSR. He settled in Minsk and married a Russian lady called Marina Prusakova after six weeks of moving. In the summer of 1961 he announced that he wanted to return to the USA, with his wife and daughter June, in June 1962 he was allowed back into the USA. The Oswald's moved to Dallas in October 1963, he got a job in the book depository; he started work on the 16th October 1963. ...read more.


When Tippet reached the front of his patrol car the other man pulled a handgun and fired a number of shots including a fatal headshot. This made the warren commission more believable because it looked like Lee Harvey Oswald was trying to get away from something and made him look more suspicious. The Media portrayal of the event made people believe in the warren commission by using persuasive techniques and only showing evidence that made Oswald look guilty, and the fact that Oswald was shot on the day of his court hearing he was shot by Jack Ruby, this made it impossible for Oswald to defend himself, and so all that the media said was believed by the American public. In conclusion the report that the warren commission issued was believed by the whole of the USA because it made the public feel safer because if they thought that the assassinator of their president was dead then they would be safer knowing that he couldn't harm anyone else. Matt Stibbs 10LCr ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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