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Why Was The WSPU Formed?

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Why Was The WSPU Formed? By 1900 women had been campaigning for women's right to vote for over half a century. In 1903 the 'Votes for Women' campaign was energised when the WSPU, Women's Social and Political Union was created. Founded in Manchester by Emmeline, Christabel and Sylvia Pankhurst, the WSPU aimed to pursue women's right to vote in parliamentary elections, with comparison to men. In this short essay I cam going to outline the short and long term reasons why the WSPU was formed. The movement which aimed to achieve women's right to vote was said to have started in 1832 after a large number of men were granted the vote. Women suffrage campaigners pointed out that while educated and high class women could not vote; poor, uneducated workmen could. ...read more.


A divorce could only be obtained through and act of Parliament and women couldn't divorce for the same reasons as men. Women were also fed up with their status in society. Some wanted to rid themselves of "the angel in the house" generalization and open the road to women's freedom. The simplest way for women to do this was to obtain the vote as it would give women freedom to make their own decisions. All of the reasons listed above contributed to the creation of the WSPU but it was the failure to make any progress using peaceful and legal methods that was a central cause for it's formation. It was then that Emmeline, Christabel and Sylvia Pankhurst decided that the creation of a more forceful and aggressive party was what the movement needed in order to really get noticed by the government. ...read more.


Partly because they felt there were more issues to concentrate on but also because votes for women was not going to win them any seats in the next election. Furthermore, the labor leaders believed that if women were granted the right to vote, many would be more likely to vote Conservative, which posed as a threat to them. In conclusion there were many factors which contributed to the formation of the WSPU which involved long term and short term reasons. The long term reasons were that women were fed up with their place in society and wanted the power to control laws which affected them. The short term reasons were that some women were fed up with the peaceful methods of the NUWSS which appeard to be making little affect, the unfair abolition of a bill in 1905 and the growing lack of support from the Labor party. ...read more.

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