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Why was there an economic boom in the USA in the 1902's?

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Why was there an economic boom in the USA in the 1902's? In the 1920's, the USA was booming. Businesses grew, people became wealthy, new buildings were constructed and thousands of miles of roads were laid. Americans were able to buy a whole range of new products like cars, radios and washing machines. Why did the US economy grow so fast at this time? Historians have suggested that a number of factors worked together to cause the boom. The most important reason for the boom was WW1 and also economic benefits. During and after WW1, American industries grew rapidly; this was because there would be a vast demand for US goods when the war ended. ...read more.


Another important factor which helped bring the boom about was advertising, chain stores and big mail-order companies. These helped to guarantee the mass consumption of goods. Vast numbers of people had to buy the new goods to keep the boom going. Advertising helped to promote the goods which were on offer and to attract people's attention in order for them to buy the products. The mail-order helped, this was because people could pay for the products bit by bit, so they could now afford (or think they can) to buy more goods and therefore more products will be purchased, meaning more profit for industries. ...read more.


People were happier to go out and buy products as they thought they had more money and more products were available for them to purchase. In conclusion, all these factors are closely linked to terminate the reason why there was a boom in the USA in the 1920's. The cars industry for example affected other industries as it created jobs, people were able to get around quicker and people were able to travel more, spend more time looking at fashion and other hobbies, and therefore those industries increased. Electricity also played a big role too; people could now buy electrical goods and therefore the industry increased. This increase spread through all the industries in the US, which caused this "boom" in the 1920's. As each industry increased, so did the others. ...read more.

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