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Why was there increased racial tension in the USA in the years 1964-1970?

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Why was there increased racial tension in the USA in the years 1964-1970? Slavery had been abolished in the USA in the 1860; blacks had continued to be treated as second-class citizens and to be denied their civil rights. Kennedy set up the civil rights act in 1964 that banned discrimination in public accommodations, in federally assisted programs and in employment. Also it gave federal government new power to enforce desegregation and prosecute voting right violations. In 1965 the voting rights act came along, this ended literacy tests for voting. It also allowed federal agents to monitor registration. These acts improved civil rights but many black Americans were still dissatisfied, they were still a class B citizen. Tension continued between the two races. ...read more.


During the campaign Martin Luther King was jailed, but the most important thing was that television viewers were able to see the outrageous treatment meted out to young demonstrations. Martin Luther King had a dream speech. For many blacks Americans the new laws were not being introduced fast enough. All the blacks wanted are to take what they thought was theirs by right and by force if worst comes to worst. Strangely the blacks didn't want integration of white and blacks, they wanted to be separate because they thought they were better then the whites. The view of black separatism was prompted by Black Muslims, one of whom was Malcolm X. He advocated the use of weapons because he thought that non-violence encouraged white racism. ...read more.


The Kerner Report Recommended the elimination of all racial barriers in jobs, education, housing, greater public reponse to problems of racial minorities and increased communication across racial lines. The report didn't resolve the ways that black people were treated. What it did do was to make all Americans aware of black unrest. In 1964 there was a lot of tension because Kennedy had been assassinated, this was a big disappointment for the black Americans because Kennedy tried to help black Americans to be accepted. Also there was a lack of money because there had been a lot of money spent on War. By 1970 the situation had clearly improved because there was a fall in unemployment, which increased the average wage for black Americans. The black Americans took prominent positions by fighting for what they believed was theirs. Now things had improved, America could concentrate on the Vietnam War. ...read more.

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