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Why was there such a major crisis between the superpowers over Cuba, 1962

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Why was there such a major crisis between the superpowers over Cuba, 1962? The Cuban missile crisis began in October 1962; when America found missiles in Cuba. The crisis was between USA and USSR. It all began when the inactive missiles were found; USA believed they had to get them out otherwise their country could be destroyed. President Kennedy took them to the brink of war to do so, which could have then resulted in World War 3. There are many factors within the Cuban missile crisis that could have led to World War 3. The main problem, that actually caused the Cuban missile crisis in the first place, was the closeness of the missiles to USA. Even thought they were inactive; America felt threatened as they were told that they were going to be activated in thirteen days. If they didn't act quickly and remove the missiles, and they were then fired, then it would have hit America within a five-minute radius, which would cause eighty million to be killed. ...read more.


But Kennedy wining through fighting would have led to World War 3; so he had to find another way of winning! The limited communication between USA and USSR caused many problems. There was never any direct communication between Khrushchev and Kennedy; so things weren't clear to either of them what was happening. A clear indication of the lack of communication was during the blockade. USA didn't know whether the USSR ships had had the message to stop their ships and turn around or if they were just ignoring the command. The USA troops therefore decided to fire flares. The USSR, due to the lack of communication, didn't know what this meant and they could have taken it as a sign of war beginning. However, the US generals shot these flares and rockets against Kennedy's command! The generals obviously wanted to fight, as it's what they do best, but because of their ignorance, by not listening to Kennedy, they could have caused the world to be destroyed. The USA generals also wanted revenge on Cuba for shooting one of their planes down. ...read more.


in other words, the USA do not know what is happening on the other side; again due to the lack of communication! This caused it to become a crisis because neither country really knew what the other country was really planning on doing, so if they acted on what they were thinking the other was doing, then they could have got it wrong and therefore would fight for no reason; and fighting would then cause a world war! In conclusion, the main thing that caused the Cuban Missile Crises to be an actual crisis was down to the lack of communication between the two super powers. All of the reasons above which resulted in it being a crisis link back to the lack of communication! If they had improved the communication between themselves; then many of these things above could have been avoided. Also, the generals of all the countries forced it to become a crisis; as they were acting on their own instinct and what they wanted to do; rather than the plans that had been made up for a reason! ?? ?? ?? ?? Becky Dash ...read more.

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