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Why was there such a major crisis between the superpowers over Cuba in 1962

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Why was there such a major crisis between the superpowers over Cuba in 1962? During the crisis between USA and USSR over Cuba in 1962 many things brought them close to WWIII. USSR had missiles in Cuba, because these missiles were so close to USA the American government was worried because if any of these missiles were launched they would hit USA in just 5 minutes. This meant that America had to be on high security alert for the whole of this crisis. It became a crisis when an USA spy plane (U2) spying on Cuba took pictures of USSR weapons on different sites. Kennedy and Khrushchev only communicated through the press or Khrushchev would talk to a Russian journalist who would then pass on the message to an American journalist, then he would talk to Kennedy and the other way round when Kennedy wanted to say something to Khrushchev. ...read more.


Days later the white house received another letter saying no to the solution. The missiles in Cuba made it a crisis because these weapons, if launched, would hit America in 5 minutes. One of these weapons could kill 80,000,000 American citizens. This meant that USA had less than 5 minutes to react and blow these missiles up in the sky. This made it a crisis because America had to be on a high security alert all the time. The lack of communication between Kennedy and Khrushchev made it a crisis because they wouldn't speak to each other directly. They only communicated through the press. This meant that problems took quite a while to sort out. The lack of communication was one of the main reasons it became such a crisis. ...read more.


As professionals examined this letter they said they didn't think it was from Khrushchev and they believed it was from the army generals. As Kennedy and Khrushchev still were not communicating they could clear up whether it was from the army generals or not. As America was quite sure it was from generals they decided to ignore the second letter and pretended that they never received it. An American spy plane (U2) was flying over Cuba taking more pictures of the weapons it was shot down. This made the US general quite mad. As a result of this without Kennedy's say so the general move the treat of war up to death com 2. USSR didn't know that Kennedy hadn't authorised this and so it was help to be a great crisis because or the army generals. ?? ?? ?? ?? Liam Faherty ...read more.

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