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Why were better race relations still needed in the USA in the Early 1960's During the fifties in USA there was much racial hatred. Segregation was widespread. The NAACP declared

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Why were better race relations still needed in the USA in the Early 1960's During the fifties in USA there was much racial hatred. Segregation was widespread. The NAACP declared that segregation, "is the way in which a society tells a group of human beings that they are inferior to other groups." Twenty states during 1954 practised segregation as a law. The black schools were always inferior to the white schools. In 1954 the NAACP had challenged the right to segregation in the case of Brown v Board of Education and won. There was however massive resistance which led to violence and murder of NAACP supporters. During 1955 Emmett Till was brutally murdered for saying "bye baby" to a white woman by her husband and his friend. ...read more.


For example, mortality rates for black babies was twice as high as for white babies. The problems of the 50's caused great turmoil during the sixties. As John F Kennedy said in 1961 of the next decade:- "We live on the edge of danger". During the early 60's black Americans wanted their civil rights and were growing impatient with the continuing discrimination. Police still abused their power and government was moving very slowly on Civil Rights Laws, afraid to upset the South. Due to the worsening race relations at this time the Civil Rights Movement grew as did other organisations fighting injustice. The Black Panthers, fighting for black rights, supported using guns against oppressors. There were several shoot outs between them and the police. ...read more.


During the early 60's students sponsored the Mississippi project in which 800 volunteers helped thousands of black Americans to register to vote. During 1963 200,000 people marched on Washington. This was the largest march in American history. The high point was a speech made by Martin Luther King where he told of his dream in which all Americans are treated equally. As a result of civil rights campaigns, peaceful and violent protests and civil unrest, major court battles were won, segregation in many public places ended and various acts made discrimination illegal. However laws can not change peoples minds and better race relations are still needed in America today as they were in the early 60's. The idea from the Delaration of Independence that "All men are created equal" does not apply to many black Americans today and until it does there will be conflict and poor race relations. ...read more.

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