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Why were Mao and the Communists able to gain control of China in the years 1937-1949?

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Why were Mao and the Communists able to gain control of China in the years 1937-1949? Mao and the Communists were able to gain control of China by taking up more land and gaining more support from the people. This is because of the different tactics they used and the different events that occurred, such as the Civil War. The first reason that the Communists were able to gain control is the Japanese Invasion. During the Japanese Invasion, Mao and the Communists wanted to fight the Japanese, while Chiang Kai Shek wanted to fight the Communists first, since uniting China was his first priority and he and the Guomindang were still too weak to fight the invaders themselves. Because of this, the Communists then had a reputation for fighting bravely against the Japanese, while Chiang was criticized for "hiding" in Chongqing. ...read more.


As time passed, the Japanese didn't make anymore invasions, because they didn't have enough people to take control over the whole of China, since it was too big. Instead, the Japanese focused on wiping out Chiang Kai Shek's government in the south by bombing it. This made the Guomindang lose more popularity as they weren't strong enough to fight back, which also made the Communists gain more support. The third reason that Mao and the Communists were able to gain control of China is because of the Civil War. Even though at the beginning of the Civil war, the Guomindang had the financial and military support from America and their army outnumbered the Communists 4 to 1, the Communists still managed to win the war and gain more popularity than the Guomindang. This is because the Communists had a good leader called Lin Biao, and they used effective tactics such as guerilla attacks. ...read more.


Because the PLA had control over most of the areas in China, on 1 October 1949, they announced the existence of a new China, which they called the People's Republic of China. Overall, the Civil War helped Mao and the Communists gain control and popularity over China because they managed to take up more land, so more people joined their army, while the Guomindang began to lose power due to their lack of support from the American government and the loss of their equipment. In conclusion, the Communists were able to gain control over China mainly because of the Civil war and Japanese invasion, which helped them gain popularity from the people. The fall of the Guomindang also had an effect on this, as the Communists were then able to rule China however they wanted to. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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