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Why were mayor cities of Britain bombed by the Germans in 1940 /1941?

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Why were mayor cities of Britain bombed by the Germans in 1940 /1941? In September of 1940 a strategic bombing campaign conducted by the German Luftwaffe destroyed many major cities of England and killed many thousands of innocent civilians. During the bombing a total of 18, 000 tons of high explosives were dropped on England over eight months. A total of 18, 629 men, 16, 201 women and 5, 028 children were blown apart by the barrage of highly explosive bombs. Hitler however did not leave a diary to explain his motives for the bombing so historians try to find a suitable reason for his actions. I believe that there are three main aims, the first was retaliation, and the second was to destroy some of the main war effort buildings, ports, access lines and to hit factories. ...read more.


Due to the bombing many innocent civilians were killed and many houses destroyed. The retaliation consisting of around 40 heavy bombers stunned the German people because they had been told repetitively by the Luftwaffe Chief, Hermann Gooring that it could not be done. The three attacks left the Germans with their nerves frayed. The Nazis party was outraged and made Hitler deliver a speech threatening that if the British did it again the Luftwaffe would raze English cities to the ground. Throughout the war Hitler made some very intelligent and incitefull decisions and also some slapdash one's. One of these less intelligent decisions that he made was a probable reason for the blitz on British cities. ...read more.


The Luftwaffe often tried to hit railway lines, junctions, power stations and gas containers. To find their targets they followed the line of the Thames and then dropped their heavy explosives on the West End. The real impact of the drawn out bombing was felt by the working class people by the factories or in the centres of the major cities. I believe that Hitler's main scheme and motive for the brutal bombing was to break the morale of the British people, by destroying the countries backbone, Hitler intended to force an agreement between the UK and Germany. This unity between two of the major powers in the world was one of Hitler's needs if he intended to win the war. Without this partnership Hitler's plan to over take a main part of the globe was doomed before it even started. ...read more.

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