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Why Were Police Unable To Catch Jack The Ripper?

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COURSE WORK QUESTION THREE: WHY WERE POLICE UNABLE TO CATCH JACK THE RIPPER? Following the 10th November 1888, the five brutal, apparently motiveless prostitute murderers accredited to the infamous Jack the Ripper that had swept London's East End since the late August mysteriously stopped. But not because the police had finally caught up with him. He simply vanished, after eluding police capture several times with apparent ease. In fact, the principal reason that this 19th century serial killer is so legendary is that the mystery of his identity remains unsolved to this day because police never captured him. The police were unsuccessful in their attempts to catch the Ripper for several key reasons. The first and foremost reason for was the very nature and behaviour of Jack himself. The Ripper was the first of a new breed: serial killers. ...read more.


was a juvenile organisation. The police were not particularly well trained. Its Detective Branch was especially underdeveloped as the majority of cases the detectives investigated were petty theft, though in worst cases murders occasionally occurred, but the motives generally were crystal clear and the perpetrator was soon brought to justice. Though Police methods were limited to catching criminals in the act, even this might have worked, if only they had sooner set up a grid of policemen to close in around the crime scene as they did with the "Double Murder." Yet even with that operation, which was the best organised of the attempts to catch Jack the Ripper, had problems. The problems arose when the second of the double murders was performed in the rich area adjacent to Whitechapel: this wealthier area had its own police force: the London City Police. ...read more.


In the 19th Century, The East End, particularly Whitechapel, was where the majority of the most destitute people lived. Filled with dark alleyways, crowded streets and numerous pubs full to bursting, it would be easy for the ripper to slip away from police fairly easily. And the Victims themselves - prostitutes. It made it extremely difficult to have witnesses who saw the crime actually being committed, because due to the nature of their trade, prostitutes actually seek out dark alleyways where few can see. In Summary, though there are several major contributing factors to the failure of the police to capture Jack the Ripper, the main reason why he eluded capture was that his type of criminal, was ahead of its time. The facts of the matter are, that without forensic science or adequate methods and execution of investigation & capture operations, meant that to catch a killer who operated like the Ripper, the police would have needed a significant amount of luck. Douglas Glenn Conley Jr./ Junior/ II/ the second/ etc. 10/05/2007 ...read more.

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