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Why were the major cities of Britain bombed from 1940-1941?

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Why were the major cities of Britain bombed by the Germans in 1940-1941? Megan Clary In 1939 Britain declared war on Germany. This was because Hitler had invaded countries such as Poland, even though they had signed an agreement not to invade other countries. Hitler did not plan to bomb the major cities of Britain; instead he planned to wipe out the RAF so that his soldiers could land in Britain and invade. However in late August 1940 a German bomber dropped a bomb on London by mistake. Hitler decided to change his tactics and instead bomb the major cities of Britain such as London, Coventry and Portsmouth. Hitler thought that by bombing the major cities such as London he would undermine Britain's war effort and destroy their morale. This period became known as the Blitz. Hitler's original plan was called, "Operation Sealion,": it was to destroy the RAF and then to invade Britain. His plan was to control the skies by defeating the RAF and destroying military bases and airbases. He put this plan into action in early August 1940 and it became known as the Battle of Britain. Hitler planned to invade Britain on the 15th September 1940. However, Hitler's plan to wipe out the RAF failed, and during the next three months the RAF lost 792 planes and over 500 pilots ...read more.


This shows us why destroying the landmarks would have lowered people's morale because it would have made them want to surrender, which was Hitler's aim in bombing the major cities of Britain. However, a few days after Buckingham Palace had been bombed, the Queen went to visit the civilians who had been made homeless in the East End. She showed them that they were all in the same situation, and that she understood what it was like for them to be a victim of the attacks. This helped to uplift people's morale because it showed them that they were in the same position as the Queen and because she gave them hope that it would get better. During the Blitz, a lot of people were admitted to hospital due to their injuries from the bombings. A total of 90,000 people were admitted to hospitals in England, with 50,000 of them in London. As hospitals were seen as a safe place where people would recover from their injuries, it would have upset people to see the hospitals being bombed. For instance, the London Chest Hospital, which was a specialist hospital for people suffering from chest diseases, was bombed during the spring of 1941. The North Wing of the hospital was ruined. ...read more.


Another important city which delivered important supplies was Liverpool. Liverpool was an important supply base, as it provided a lot of raw materials to other cities. Hitler wanted to bomb the ports in Liverpool because it also had important goods such as food being deported over from America and Canada. Liverpool was bombed 79 times and over 4,000 people died. Liverpool also had important factories which would make fighting material which was so desperately needed by the soldiers. This shows us why Hitler decided to bomb Liverpool, because it had important supplies which were being delivered to other cities. By bombing Liverpool, Hitler was trying to destroy the war effort and it would also have destroyed people's morale, particularly because it was Christmas, and it would have made people feel sad to see people dying, especially if it was their friends or loved ones. In conclusion, the major cities of Britain were bombed by the Germans in 1940-1941 because Hitler wanted to destroy citizens' morale and he tried to do this by destroying landmarks, homes and hospitals. Hitler also tried to destroy Britain's war effort by bombing strategically important places such as Naval Bases, factories and other ports. Britain was also bombed because if their morale and war effort was destroyed, it would have made it easier to put his plan, 'Operation Sealion' into action. Therefore Britain was bombed so that Britain could be invaded. ...read more.

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