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Why were the police unable to catch Jack the Ripper?

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Why were the police unable to catch Jack the Ripper? There were numerous reasons as to why the police were unable to catch Jack the Ripper. In this essay I will be investigating the main reasons why Jack the Ripper was never caught. Firstly, one of the reasons why the police were unsuccessful in catching Jack the Ripper was the event took place at a period when forensic science equipments were limited and were not as advanced as they are now. The police did not know anything about fingerprinting and DNA; therefore they couldn't catch the Ripper. This also resulted in police washing off blood that they came across near the crime scene, instead of them checking for the fingerprints. Using fingerprinting and DNA could have helped them to search for suspects and hopefully they could have caught Jack the Ripper. Secondly, the police did not get a clear description of what the Ripper actually looked like. ...read more.


In addition, one of the main reasons why the police was unable to catch Jack the Ripper was because there were two police forces; the metropolitan police force and the city of London police. The metropolitan police investigated four of the murders that took place at Whitechapel and the City of London police investigated the murder of Elizabeth Stride's. Both forces were rivals and did not co-operate which each other in trying to catch Jack the Ripper. This means that when evidence came up they would not share it with each other and they did not work together. The selfishness of both forces led to the lack of evidence to suspect who the Ripper was, therefore his identity was not revealed. Moreover, the newspapers put a lot of pressure on the police force. The newspapers sent false letters and made up stories to the police. They also mocked and criticised the police effort. ...read more.


They claimed that if the murders had took place in a richer place of London like Brixton. Then the police would have paid more attention in catching Jack the Ripper. In conclusion, I think that the main reasons why the police failed to catch Jack the Ripper was because of the lack of forensic science. If they had this it would have been easier to catch Jack the Ripper. I also think that the newspapers did not make life easy for the police and did not encourage them in finding the Ripper, instead they mocked them and this made the police become less hard working on the case. They also did not have enough description as to the killer might have been as people were giving different opinions. All of this made the police unable to catch Jack the Ripper. However, there might have been possibility in discovering who Jack the Ripper was if the metropolitan and City of London police force worked together as a team. ...read more.

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