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Why were the Police unable to catch Jack The Ripper?

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Why were the police unable to catch Jack the Ripper? During the 19th century the first real police force was created in London: the Metropolitan police. However, they were very different from the police force that we know today. The police lacked experience and needed guidance as well as a stricter organisation; they were mostly required for the minor cases. Whilst the investigation of the Jack the Ripper case two separate police forces were assigned to work and collaborate together: Scotland Yard and the City of London police, but the extent of their partnership is unknown. The forces attempted various different methods inorder to capture the murderer. As there were no female police officers, the men dressed up as women in hope that Jack would notice them. However this method did not prove successful, on the contrary policemen were mocked and their attempts were seen as useless. ...read more.


Additionally, Ripper's Modus Operandi caused major confusion amongst the police, the uniqueness in the way he would slice his victims left the officials guessing which profession he belonged to- doctor or butcher? All the murders were situated within the Whitechapel area, so naturally the police searched for witnesses there. However these "witnesses" did not prove to be reliable, due to the fact that most of them would be drunk and would not recall what they had seen correctly - if at all. In addition there weren't many citizens that knew the victims at all hence gathering information with regards to them was close to impossible. At the time Whitechapel was dominated by pollution, it lacked street lamps and it was maze-like, therefore it allowed the Ripper to remain undiscovered. The fact that the area was also poor and overcrowded with many immigrants and Jews settled there made the mission of looking for witnesses that much harder. ...read more.


The police had to follow up every lead they were given, so as to look like they were doing their job seriously, this only resulted in them being disturbed from the investigation. The public, especially in Whitechapel, did not co-operate well, as they blamed innocent people for the Ripper's crimes which further confused the police and complicated the case. Secondly, the utter need and the utter lack of technology played a major role in my opinion because the case could have been resolved efficiently if evidence could be found as relied upon. Therefore I find it unjust to place all the blame on the police, as they were still developing at the time and were refused of technology that we have available today. I think that the Ripper investigation could only have solved if Jack was discovered in the midst of his attack - highly unlikely. There is not only one factor that affected the capture of Jack The Ripper but a combination of unnecessary complications. ?? ?? ?? ?? Coursework Essay 3 ...read more.

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