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Why were the police unable to catch Jack the Ripper?

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Why were the police unable to catch Jack the Ripper? Jack the Ripper was a serial killer in the late 1880's who targeted. He was very sly and very difficult to follow with the lack of forensics and more modern methods and equipment we have today. However this was a time where the police did not have much experience at all with matters like this one, and were not trained well enough to deal with cases similar to this particular case. One of the main police setbacks was the dark and windy roads of Whitechapel. There weren't many lamp posts around so in the dead of night it would be rather easy for someone to get round them without being noticed. ...read more.


Overall the police force wasn't very well organised nor were they very well trained, there was a lack of detectives. There were no policewomen at this time, this brought up a problem when one of the detectives had an idea to dress officers to look like prostitutes. As you can imagine they wouldn't have looked the most convincing prostitutes ever, but if they would have had policewomen then they may have pulled off there plan. The police were now stuck, they couldn't find Jack the Ripper because of there lack of forensics and all the false leads the police were getting completely put off track. The police wanted to put out a reward for information about Jack the Ripper but the Home Secretary refused and said although the metropolitan ...read more.


Detectives would read these papers to see if there was any valuable information or similar descriptions to theirs in them. This proved in the end to be almost helpless and a waste of time because they were one of the biggest causes of misleading the police over the whole time. Serial killers are extremely hard to catch because usually they have no pattern for the murders, they are just picked at random. This makes it hard for the police to find a trend or to recognise someone when they have no connection to the people they murder whatsoever. The only way you could catch someone at the time of Jack the Ripper was if you caught them red-handed. Jack the Ripper is known to be very clever, sly, sick minded individual, who new when and where to go to kill his victims. Richard Hughes 10T ...read more.

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