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why were the police unable to catch Jack the Ripper?

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All of these varied statements confused the police because most of the statements contradicted each other. This lead to the police searching for many different men and having to take the chance of these men not even having any connections with the murderer. There were also many false leads, for example, people would confess to being Jack The Ripper just to feel important and in the publics eye. Some would even own up for the simple reason of being insane. There were also many fake letters that didn t make sense, even the Saucy Jack letter could have been a fake because it talked about the double event because a reader of the newspaper would then have the knowledge of there having been two killings may have written it, although this is highly unlikely because the hand writing matched the first letter sent and had the remaining kidney from one of the previous victim. Another false lead was the murder of (who some people believe was jack the rippers first victim) Martha Tabram who was murdered in the same month as Polly Nicholls. However Martha wasn t murdered in the exact same way as the later victims for example one of her wounds was thought to have been inflicted by a bayonet and by a right handed man, therefore, the police thought that he was a sailor. ...read more.


they destroyed, If the police had paid more attention to the murder of Polly Nicholls and the significance of it they may have been able to catch him. Or had there not been the breakdown of the law and order in Whitechapel the civilians in the area would have reported any sightings of the murderer and may have been able to provide more accurate descriptions the public were partly to blame for not being honest. Then of course there is the lack of communication between the police forces had they shared information and worked as a team then perhaps he would have been captured. These are important reasons for why the Metropolitan police were unable to catch Jack The Ripper. Or on the other hand, perhaps Jack the Ripper had buckled and therefore never was captured taking the gruesome secrets to his grave leaving us all with the question Why were the police unable to catch Jack The Ripper? be cle-jln� � ��RTV$-$�,�,�,Z0\0�45�8�8�<�< C"C�K�K�K�K�K�K�K�K�K�K�K�K�K�K�K�K�K�K���������������������������������������������(2�"'(� �) @�S n�K�K��� " "��" "�|" - l�*�����-l�F� "� "tt�KL�KN(t�t�Times New Roman��$ " " "��ð � ,,,YSend To OneNote 2007��/ d,,Letterwpno��(winspoolSend To OneNote 2007Send To Microsoft OneNote Port:F�� "\�"�'"�V "i"�` "�`""A."@��"\�"�"�V "i"�` "�`"."why were the police unable to catch JTR.wps""�p"�p (" )"attention to the murder of Poll�� �����Z� ��� �O�2�Quill96 Story Group Class�����9�q(winspoolSend To y1/2TDy1/2TDy1/2TD�1/2TD�y1/2TD�F�� "\�"�'"�V "i"�` "�`""A."@��"\�"�"�V "i"�` "�`"."why were the police unable to catch JTR.wps""�p"�p (" )"may have been able to catch him ...read more.

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