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Why were the police unable to catch Jack the Ripper

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Why were the police unable to catch Jack the Ripper? Jack the ripper was a brutal, motiveless and the first serial murderer who roamed the streets of East London at night preying on prostitutes who to this day is unknown. In this essay I am going to try and explain the factors that prevented the police from catching him. There were general problems with policing, problems with crimes and how they were controlled and there was a vast amount of pressure on the police from different sources such as the general public, the press, the government and from their own false leads. Firstly the police held a terrible reputation with Londoners in the East End. As they believed that the Metropolitan police who was a fairly new organisation was more concerned in helping the high class in the West end and ignoring the issues of the poor. The police was also more concerned in preventing crime than in actually solving the existing crimes. This led the people to loose believe in the power of the police. ...read more.


In the area there were also plenty prostitutes which made it an excellent area for the ripper to work in as he could select his victim out of a wide variety of women. Another factor why the police could not catch Jack the ripper was because he seemed to be extremely careful and took precautions on the place and the time that he committed the murders. As a result there were no eye witnesses, nobody heard screams or saw the Ripper leaving the crime scene. The ripper left no evidence or clues to lead the police to him and left the scene relatively fast which meant that he probably knew his way around Whitechapel. Over time the people and the queen herself started getting worried and therefore applied a grand amount of pressure on the police which led them to make mistakes. The public did not trust the police and they did not contribute to the search even if they had evidence as they did not like their privacy being invaded. ...read more.


The Government also tried to get the police to catch the police in order to decrease fear and riots in Whitechapel. The police themselves followed false leads as they did not have the right resources, techniques or evidence. At a certain point, the police accused a shoe maker of being the Ripper and was called 'Leather Apron' because they found a leather apron covered in blood yet as they did not have technology they could not know weather it was actually human or possibly animal blood. Then when he was released the people became more sceptical about the police. It can be said that the police were incapable of catching Jack the Ripper for a number of reasons, because they did not have enough technology, recourses and policemen did not have enough expertise to lead an investigation wisely. The state of Whitechapel at the time also made the police unable of catching the Ripper as they were unhelpful and did not believe or trust the police themselves. Finally the amount of pressure applied to them caused them to follow false leads and to rush their investigation. ?? ?? ?? ?? Camila Jaramillo ...read more.

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