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Why were the police unable to catch Jack the Ripper?

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Why were the police unable to catch Jack the Ripper? There were plenty of reasons why the police did not catch Jack the Ripper. Because the year was 1888, and the finest investigation technology was not around, Whitechapel were unable to do much about it. There was no video evidence as there were no CCTV cameras on any corner of Whitechapel. There were no such things as DNA testing then as well, so they were limited to how they would catch the murderer. The police were very bright when using some real evidence, and some destroyed it. The police wasn't well trained in self-defence, protection or concerned with deterring crime instead of catching criminals. The police wasted a lot of time on house to house enquires, and could only point there finger on butchers and surgeons. Newspapers pointed the finger at any suspicious person and the police were forced to investigate, which wasted more time. The public slowed things down by rushing the police into finding the killer, People also wrote to the police making statements explaining they were the killer, when they weren't. ...read more.


He also said that he used the same knife for amplitations, and the job would be impossible if the murder wasn't some sort of surgeon. It was her stomach and intestine, which has been pulled out, so he must have known where all of the organs were. Wayne Baxter's exact words were "the body had not been dissected, but the injuries have been made by someone who had a considerable anatomical skill and knowledge". There were not a lot of people in the Spitt Field at 5:00am, and witnesses said she must have been killed at about 5:30am but the unskilled coroner said 4:30, and the police went with his decision and the whiteness was ruled out. The police made more house-to-house enquire on the murder, so everyone knew what were happening and they started to get recognised in America. Things took a turn and they arrested a man for both o the murders, his name was Leather Apron (aka John Pizer). This made the police look better in the medias eye. However, he was then released a few days later because there was no evidence to hold him. ...read more.


This was the most savage and gruesome attack. Dr Bond and Dr Phillips investigated into the post-mortem. Her entire body was horribly mutilated, her face hacked beyond recognition. The whole of the surface of the abdomen and thighs was removed, the breasts were cut off, and the arms mutilated by several jagged wounds and the face hacked beyond recognition of the features. Most of her skin had been removed also, but it appeared to everybody that the coroners hadn't much medical knowledge, as Dr Bond states that she died in between 1:00-2:00am, however Dr Phillips said 5:00-6:00am. Because of the vast difference in the times, the police did not use that piece of evidence and showed that they weren't skilled enough. The month of October had passed with no further clues as to the identity of the infamous Ripper. The attack on Mary Kelly was so dreadful; police believed that the killer's taste for macabre murder and thirst for blood had finally been satisfied. Jack the Ripper was not caught because the police did not take the evidence seriously enough, and only made house-to-house enquires. The newspapers didn't help, as they put down the police and made the public demand a quick arrest. Victoria Mason Page 1 of 3 ...read more.

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