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Why were the police unable To catch Jack the ripper?

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Why were the police unable To catch Jack the ripper? The jack the ripper investigation was always going to be a very difficult with the limitations of the 19th century police force. However, the difficulty increased with the numerous false starts and red herrings that police faced in 1888. The first major false start in the Whitechapel murders was the investigation of 'leather Apron'. It occurred during the search of the 1st victims (Mary Anne Nichols AKA 'Polly' Nichols) killer when a newspaper called 'The star' released reports of a bizarre man named 'Leather Apron' he apparently forced prostitutes to pay him or he beat them. The star also claimed he was a Jewish slipper maker. ...read more.


The police received hundreds of accusations mostly pointing at Jewish shop keepers in Whitechapel which had to be investigated so the police seemed to be following all the leads. This red herring cost the police lots of time, effort and man power which they so desperately needed. So far nobody was able to accurately identify the 'man' seen talking to the victim before they died. There were man description which hadn't helped the police narrow down the search. Every witness claiming to the victims talking to a man who may have been a the killer had given a different 'ripper' description. This meant the could not create a clear image of what the 'ripper' looked like. ...read more.


They also got male (as there were no female) police officers to dress as women to act as a decoy for the 'ripper'. They also went to lodging house and interviewed over 2,000 lodgers. They also interrogated sailors, butchers and slaughterers. They also used blood hounds to track the 'ripper' although this was abandoned due to unreliability. In conclusion I believe the main factor as to why the poilice were unable to catch 'jack the ripper' as largely down to the presses intervention and the people of Whitechapel feeding the police unreliable information which distracted their attention to pointless investigations which may have in turn lead to them over looking a vital piece of information. Also the police didn't have the resources necessary to catch the ripper. By Arran O'Reilly ...read more.

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