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Why were towns in the American often violent and lawless places?

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American West C/W Why were towns in the American often violent and lawless places? One of the main reasons law and order was not fulfilled in the newly developed towns was due to the fact that Washington, New York, Chicago ect. Were far away there was no one closer available to enforce the law and it was hard to communicate with the authorities in the more distant states. There was no way to maintain the ordinances laid out to the early settlers. Due to the difficulties surrounding communicating (i.e. Distance) it was hard to transport or send convicts to jail or to get the back up which was required when a problem had arisen. For the reason that the settlers need to complete there manifest destiny there was a lot of competition. ...read more.


Prostitution caused al lot of fights in places such as saloons, as the men were under the influence of alcohol. Due to the fact that many individuals settling in the West were from all around the world there would have been a lot of different people with different backgrounds living together. Racism was an issue. There were clashes of Race, religion and it was hard for people to communicate as they spoke different languages. Not only did cultural differences play a part in person's perspectives of each other, personality did too. There were a lot of robberies that took place in the early development of the west Banks used to robbed, people would steal cows and horses this is known as rustling and was very common, trains and wagons were robbed, stores and Burglary was also an issue. ...read more.


There were towns in the west known as "Notorious towns", these were so full of crime that people were to scared to enter them. A good example of a notorious town would be Clanton Town (also known as The notorious Clanton town), it was the home of many gunslingers and cowboys. This is where vigilantes came in. Though they helped to keep terrorists (gangs and gunslingers) restrained many people disputed that they did more harm than good. In conclusion the lawlessness in the American west was a continuous circle of problems. Things led from one thing to another and this resulted in more and more crime. The main reason this happened was due to the remoteness of the west this is only one of many problems yet it is a very significant factor in the subject of law and order. If there wasn't such a distance between states then law and order would have been easier to control. ...read more.

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