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Why were women given the vote in 1918?

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Irum Rashid Why were women given the vote in 1918? In my essay I am going to write about how women got the vote. There was more than one reason why women got the vote. There were three stages in the emancipation of women getting the vote. The first stage was the peaceful stage. The group were the suffragists who started in 1897. The leader of the group was Millicent Fawcett. This group used calm persuasion to try and win the vote for women. Millicent Fawcett wanted to "gain reforms without violence, without killing people and blowing up buildings and doing other silly things that men have done when they wanted the laws altered". This group organised processions so they could be noticed. They held meetings with politicians; these were held to argue about women suffrage. They were trying to persuade the politicians. The suffragists also distributed leaflets so people can know more about it and have an interest in getting the vote for women. They had petitions signed so they could show the parliament how many people wanted change. But these tactics were not producing results. They had been rejected fifteen times before. ...read more.


This was because the government was frightened that if anything happened to the women they would get the blame for it. It was called the "cat and mouse" act because the women were using methods on the men and the men were using methods on the women. Because the parliament did not give women the vote the suffragettes got really violent they tried to burn down the house of Charles Hobhouse, he was a well known liberal opponent of women's suffrage. On 4th June 1913, Emily Davison a suffragette ran out in front of the king's horse during the Derby race at Epsom. She ran into the kings horse `anmer'and was badly injured. Emily Davison died 4 days later in hospital. Most people thought that Emily Davison was trying to draw attention to herself. But many people believe that she committed suicide to be a martyr for the women's cause. I think that Emily Davison did not want to die. She just wanted to interrupt the race and gain publicity but unfortunately she ran straight into the horse and died. The death of Emily Davison shocked the country throughout bringing the women's right to vote back into the spotlight. Women around the country were inspired by her and renewed their fight with enthusiasm. ...read more.


But this also changed in 1928 when all the women over the age of 21 were given the vote. I think that the main reason why women were given the vote was because of the suffragists. If they had not firstly started the campaign to gain the vote for women nothing would have happened. The suffragists could have been successful in the end because their peaceful organisation helped them get the vote in the end. The peaceful was more important it made the suffragists more convincing. Because it was taking to long the suffragettes could not take it any longer so they decided to use violent action. The suffragettes did not help in getting the vote for women but did help in getting the Medias attention. The war was a speeding factor, women would have got the vote in the end but it would have taken much longer for them to finally get it. The final thing is that one action led to another so that means that if there had been no suffragists there would be no suffragettes and their would be no vote for the women. The women would not have got the vote if there had not been the three stages. ...read more.

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