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Why women did not get the vote before 1914.

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In this essay I am going to be discussing why women did not get the vote before 1914. Since the women of Britain saw from other countries that they could have right to be able to vote they strove to do so. At this time a women were not seen in the eyes of the law they did not have any rights but what there husband or father gave them, There wealth was limited by there husband, As soon as you were married what little rights and wealth they did have belonged to there husband. The strong view of women was to find a husband and once they were married they would have to care and bring up the children and help maid(s) clean up they were nothing more than tools used by the men. There were a few main reasons the men argued why women could not have the vote a strong one was that, It was way to complicated for women to understand, There was a strong famous women who proved this point of view wrong was Caroline Norton she was a well brought up in a middle class family. ...read more.


In 1851 there was a meeting in Sheffield to discuss and start the female political union they believed that women should no longer be in suffrage (with out vote). They set out to gain the vote for women over 21 they would do this in a formal way like over dinner with important people, pamphlets ect. The NUWSS was mainly women at first but later on they gained support in high places most being pollutions. They also seeked equal rights for ALL women. By most of people there ideas seemed too far-fetched and thought that women's equal rights would breakdown family life and the rest of society would follow. But 52 years later the NUWSS was still fighting for women's rights and new group of suffrage protesters were born by Mrs Emmeline Pankhurst In 1903 she set up the women's social and political union (WSPU) who later became known as the suffragettes (women campaigning for the vote). They had got bored of the polite way of getting what they wanted and they turned to violence and striking and causing a nuisance of themselves. ...read more.


were also some women who thought the same way as most of the men that the protesters should be mothering their children not being arrested they even set up unions themselves the anti-suffrage league, The women were also dived among them self's this proved a main problem in later talks. But as the First World War came the suffragettes at their point of triumph gave up for the war effort. It was believed that they would gain more freedom during the war and it was true not only at home were they were doing most of the men's old jobs like chimney sweeps, clerks, munitions workers, ship wielders etc. They were also going to the battlefield as nurses (VAD nurses). The women workers were found cheaper than men and used in dangerous jobs such as munitions workers (canaries) they were nick named the canneries because of a form of nitrate poisoning that made the skin go yellow but dramatically decreased their life expectancy when the war finished their was a broader view women's equal rights and women later got the vote in 1928. Page 1 Why Women Failed To Win The Vote Before 1914 Francis Hart 10 GE ...read more.

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