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Windsor Coursework

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Introduction In my course work I will be investigating 3 main questions. 1. Is Windsor a successful tourist centre? 2. Is there a conflict of interest between resident and tourist? 3. What has been done to attempt in solving any conflict? I will be analyzing the benefits and drawbacks for residents who live in a location which is a popular tourist centre. I will be investigating how popular Windsor is and what factors make it in to a good tourist attraction. Windsor can be located in the county of Berkshire. From London to Windsor via coach it approximately took an hour. Tourism Tourism is when people from overseas or other cities have a holiday or day out in other certain areas for recreational or leisure purposes. Tourists can sometimes spend up to a single day or several weeks at the area they are touring .There are many types of tourist destinations such as beaches in Spain, mountains in Kenya, ice regions in the alps, religious pilgrimage like in Mecca and historical like Windsor. Tourist is the term used for a group of people that are touring a certain area. There are many advantages of tourism. Tourism creates opportunities and provides a vast amount of jobs. Tourism makes a city richer, due to the tourist staying over at hotels and eating at restaurants, these places all pay tax to the government which gives the government more money to spend. Like for example Windsor is a rich area because the tourist spend a lot of money and the council use the money to develop the area .Tourism increases the popularity of a certain area and also builds a reputation for the place, when a lot of tourist come they will recommend it to other or re visit which makes even more tourist come. Tourism provides understanding and interaction with different races and cultures. However there are many disadvantages of tourism. Tourism causes overcrowding; so many people densely packed in tourist attractions for example Oxford Street. ...read more.


After about an hour, the job had been completed. I had filled in all gaps and questions on both sheets, and felt comfortable because my data was primary and reliable. The following day as we went back to school, I had put the information from my survey in to a large collection data sheet. I made sure all my results were balanced and equal by putting in a variety of ages and gender .I totalled up all my results and had converted the results in to graphs. The graphs had all seemed to have a similar correlation. I believe it is vital to have an equal and balanced sample of results to confirm, that my results are very reliable and fair. Evaluation of method My trip to Windsor was an enjoyable experience, and was good time learning about the history and attractions of Windsor. I could have improved my method by possibly practicing the questionnaire at school with my class mates, which would have made me more fluent when asking people to assist me in filling out my survey, and it would have boosted my confidence. But the idea of standing on the main road where, there was a lot of shops was good, due to the fact many people were passing through. So it was not much of a problem in finding tourists to fill out the survey, and it was not time consuming. I believe it would have been much easier if we were given a different segment of time to ask the residence of Windsor, as many of them were at work, university, college etc. Primary research Primary research is when you collect primary data by yourself. This is information that only you yourself has attained. My primary research was used to answer certain questions about Windsor. Primary research includes questionnaires and observations. Questionnaire is something I designed to collect the information that I required. ...read more.


shows us how Windsor is a successful tourist centre. This is proven by the graphs, also there is a conflict of interest between tourists and residents as we can see resident are annoyed with tourist for constantly coming in and out of the places they live in. Tourists feel that it's unfair since residents get the advantage card. I myself feel Windsor is a great place and would definitely visit again maybe with more friend and family. Windsor is beautiful has an amazing historical background and everything seem to be so cheerful, however of course I do feel that traffic could be improved on and the prices for some goods are higher for the tourists than they are for the residents of Windsor. According to my results it clearly shows that Windsor is a very succesful tourist centre and the tourist really enjoyed visiting Windsor as my results shows that the ratings of every single attrations in Windsor is very high. The second important point which im going to make is that there is a big conflict between the tourist and the residents as the residents don't like the way the prices in Windsor keep going up every time, the toilets, parking and the streets being very crowded. Local authority has made a lot of effort to resolve the conflict for e.g. they have introduced advantage cards to the residents through which residents can visit all the attratcions in Windsor for a cheap price and they also have free parking. The council has tried to seperate the tourist and residents by dividing them in to two different areas of town for example when the tourist arrive in Windsor that part of the town is very far away from the residential bit of the town and the prices in that area is very high compared to other areas of the town. All of my graphs prove that my hypothesis was correct and Windsor is a very successful tourist centre but there is a lot of conflict in interest between the tourist and the residents. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Britain 1905-1951 section.

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