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With the use of appropriate examples suggest the qualities required to be a good leader of society.

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General Studies, Mr Shepherd 14th October 2004 With the use of appropriate examples suggest the qualities required to be a good leader of society. "Leadership is influence. It is the ability to obtain followers. When the leader lacks confidence, the followers have no commitment. A leader is great not because of his power, but because of his ability to empower others" - John Maxwell. This quote summarises what a good leader of society should be. It is all well and good to have a leader who is influential, but to have a leader, who is not able to stand in front of a crowd of people and cameras during a press conference, is pointless. A good leader, therefore, needs to be a mixture of the following: charismatic, trustworthy, honest, decisive, popular, powerful, approachable, sociable, charitable, competent, reliable, and confident. Clearly no single person could possibly possess all of these qualities simultaneously. Throughout the history of recorded human existence there has been leaders, both good and bad, and it is the qualities they possess that are responsible for their popularity or success. Such leaders may not be acknowledged for fair or honourable character, but it is how and what they do to accomplish what they planned to do, and the consequences of their actions, that truly matters. A perfect example of this kind of leader is Adolf Hitler, the dictator of Germany between 1933 and 1945, who was responsible for the genocide of the majority of the Jewish population in Germany and the ...read more.


Hitler, due to his well-crafted methods, gained a great deal of votes and eventually passed the 'Enabling Act' which allowed Hitler to rule Germany without Reichstag, the German parliament, intervention. After the German invasion of Czechoslovakia and Poland, Britain and her allies declared war on Germany, which would continue for six years between 1939 and 1945. This resulted in the deaths of millions of people of all nationalities and ages. As opposed to Hitler who was a good leader but fought for an immoral cause, Martin Luther King would definitely have been a good leader as he was fighting for something that both he and his followers deserved, and he went about it in the most noblest of ways. King was the antithesis of Hitler, who believed in the idea of 'non-violence,' and began a nationwide campaign to fight for racial equality in America in the 1960s. His most promising quality was his ability to inspire the African American minority to have courage to oppose the unethical racial oppression. King, after hearing a lecture on the non-violent civil disobedience campaign orchestrated by the world famous Hindu pacifist, Mahatma Gandhi, who was against the British rule in India. King believed that he could employ the same methods as Gandhi to obtain civil rights. He was particularly struck by Gandhi's words, 'Through our pain we will make them see their injustice.' King became a pastor in Montgomery, Alabama, a town where the public buses were segregated. ...read more.


It was these that allowed him to become an icon, representing the black people. The qualities that Adolf Hitler and Martin Luther King possessed were mostly responsible for the achievements they had aspired to accomplish. They were able to have a vision of what they believed should be made a reality, and were able to see it through to the end. However, both leaders had very different ideals; Hitler believed that the Jewish community that inhabited Germany and other adjacent countries were to blame for Germany's failure during the First World War, and sought after the genocide of these people. He was able to do this by the rounding up of Jews into concentration camps that were spread across Germany, Austria and Poland, and the eventual extermination of them. Despite his unspeakable conduct, Hitler definitely deserves admiration. On the other hand, King had a vision of a nation where black people were accepted as equals, and where people of both races were able to co-exist peacefully in 'one nation, under God.' He did this by promoting the idea of non-violence, as he believed violence would lead to the spiritual self-destruction of the perpetrators and would invoke the collapse of the tolerance of all white people across the country. King, therefore, must be acknowledged as a dignified revolutionist, with his honourable approach to the gain of racial equality. Personally I am completely against both Adolf Hitler and the entirety of Nazism but I do believe that he was a remarkable leader of society. However, I am largely inclined to harbour a greater deal of respect and admiration for Martin Luther King. ...read more.

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