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women and children

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How did the Nazis use the youth movements to brainwash young people? Hitler believed that the future depended on winning control of the next generation. This meant attracting children to Nazism. He also believed that children could be used to control their parents, who were more likely to resist Nazi influence. Consequently, the Nazis set out to break the links between parents and children and try to convince them that their first loyalty should be to Hitler. At first there were fun activities like camping but later these changed to lectures and war games for boys and physical education for girls. ...read more.


What can you learn from Source A about the role of women in Nazi Germany? Hitler wanted women to accept a subordinate role in Nazi Germany and become housewives and mothers; he wanted to increase the population to make Germany and its army stronger and prepare for war. Consequently, women were forced to accept a subordinate role in society. In Nazi Germany, men took all of the decisions and women had to accept them. Study SOURCE A SOURCE A: from a letter written by a German teacher in 1938; this was published outside Germany in the book 'Hitler calls this living' The youth organisations, particularly the Hitler Youth, have been accorded powers of control which enable every boy and girl to exercise authority backed up by threats. ...read more.


Use the source, and your own knowledge, to explain whether you agree with this interpretation. the Youth Movements did indeed try to break down family loyalties but that was not their main purpose. Hitler wanted to create a state based on Nazi ideology and this was the real aim of the Youth Movements. He wanted Germans to accept their roles in the new Germany and consequently, boys were brought up to be workers and soldiers, and girls to be housewives and mothers. The Youth Movements and education inculcated these roles in the younger generation. It was the creation of the Nazi state that was the fundamental aim of the Youth Movements. ...read more.

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