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women have tougher lives than men

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Many people believe the idea that women have tougher lives than men; however some believe the opposite-that men have tougher lives than women. People who think women have difficult lives often support their views with the fact that women have to balance their careers and their family, and that there is more sexism in the workplace. Women have to balance their careers and their family, i.e. children at the same time. For example, once a pregnant woman gives birth to her child, it becomes difficult for her to keep up with her work and also look after her child. Some men however, do not take the responsibility of looking after their children as all the burden is thrown straight at the woman. ...read more.


Women go through lots of pain during childbirth. Women go through menopause, whereas men do not have to go through it. Women financially, mentally, physically and emotionally support there families. Most women suffer domestic violence from their husbands or partners. Most who suffer this brutality endure it silently, without telling any member of their family or friends. Most women are sexually assaulted by men, which makes it harder for women to go out late at night, or even go outside alone. In some part of India, young girls from perhaps the age of seven have to go through an arranged marriage to a boy, whom they don't know or have even seen. ...read more.


More men suffer more illnesses than women, as men suffer from heart disease, than women do. When men separate from their wives, in most circumstances, the children go to the woman instead of the man, as most women win rights to keep their children, whereas men loose easily. Overall, in my opinion I believe that women do have tougher lives than men, as they have the massive pressure of looking after the household and the children thrust upon them. Most women become slaves to their husbands, unable to become independent. In most workplaces, women tend to have the lower positioned jobs, whereas the men have the higher positioned jobs. In Islam, most women are forced in countries like Afghanistan to wear scarves on their heads, and they are not even allowed to step outside of their homes unless they are permitted by their husbands. ...read more.

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