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Women Should Get the Vote! My letter to the Government.

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Introduction! This letter explains that women are the same as men and should be treated that way aswell. There are as many or if not more women as there are men in the country and we believe we are equal in our importance and we should be allowed to vote! Why women deserve to vote? First of all we are equal in intelligence and we are educated in schools as the same way as boys, many of our teachers are now women! ...read more.


During the war it was women who worked in men's jobs! Producing bullets for the men to fire, tanks for them to drive and nurses to help the injured soldiers etc. We even produced uniforms for our war effort placement. The Women's Land Army also worked for our farms and kept the country's food production going throughout the war by proving we could do heavy agricultural work and also drive heavy machinery like men! Many women can now drive and organise transport of all our goods. Also women are now not just nurses but highly skilled doctors aswell! ...read more.


How have women proved themselves? Women have proved themselves by showing you women are both equal in numbers to men and have proved we are equal in all working life. We also run the family home and bring up our children. Conclusion! In Conclusion we should now be able to have our say at the ballet box and women should have equal voting rights. Why are men higher in equality than us if we can do everything the same as them? Please take this letter into consideration and think about what women do for the country. Yours Faithfully, ME ...read more.

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