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womens role in germany

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Womens role in Germany Up until the Nazis took power, Germany was leading the way in equality for the sex's but soon Hitler decided he and his associates wanted old fashioned family values, and after WWI there population was lacking immensely were major fators in Germanys attitude towards women. Many modern historians believe that laws in Germany were being passed just to tackle each contemporary problem that arose, this resulted in many contradictions and thus chaos. German women and their purpose is crucial example of this. German propaganda and the Hitler youth spent much of its time getting women into the home and out of the work place and ensuring they were living life accordingly. Phrases such as "Take hold of kettle, broom and pan, Then you'll surely get a man! Shop and office leave alone, Your true life work lies at home" emphasized where their Fuhrer and country need them most. ...read more.


The second was helping families with their mortgages this had multiple advantages the first being it encouraged women to have children so that they did not have to have pay for their house as 1 child equaled a quarter of the mortgage was paid, 2 = half, 3 = three quarter and four means all of the mortgage is paid off, this gave them an achievable and very beneficial goal. The second being the money that was formerly spent on the mortgage was now spent on feeding and clothing the children. The last of the most important and influential policies to get Germany as dominant as it previously had been, was the mothers cross, which was annually held on August 12th which was Hitler's mums birthday, this date giving the award more of a warm feel and meaning to it. This award symbolized how many children you had given birth to, to be a fantastic German women. ...read more.


Women would generally have to go work on farms and work with no pay in terrible conditions and after living in their snug houses made this very hard. However in 1939 there were less women in work than in the Great depression, despite a vast increase in female employment, the Nazis also needed more. This was made worse by employers because they wanted foreign workers who they could exploit and were physically adapted for this type of labor. Despite the changeover from home to workplace the Nazis still wanted as many children as possible, Hitler also introduced a system called the lebensborn programme where by racially pure SS men could make a women pregnant and she could donate this child to Hitler. Cleverly these acts led Germanys employment and population levels up however they did not meet Germanys needs along with the contemporary laws and confusion led Germany to lose the second World war. ...read more.

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