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World War 1 diary

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My Diary June 28th 1916 Today I have been kitted up for war and am about to get on the truck to the trenches, it's just gone my 29th birthday and I have drawn the kit I got issued today I can't draw, I never was good but at least I can send pictures home to ma and my brother Derick. June 30th 1916 I arrived here a few lined back from the front just while they Registered our arrival and gave us our identification tags, the Officer said that we would be moving to action very fast and smiled. We where all to excited to notice that most of the men around you where going to die. June 31st 1916 Yes another month is about to pass and still no action how lucky are we? But all the younger lads are still excited about getting out there. The officer just came in and told us to pack up and get on one of the trucks we where going to the front for the main attack, I wasn't ready to go out there and take lives but then I just think about King and Country. ...read more.


July 15th 1916 The doctor came up to me this morning with my breakfast and medication and said I would be lucky if I got a purple heart, its and award given to soldiers that get wounded in battle and claim they cant fight anymore so they get sent home, but I knew there was no point in even trying to get to because hundreds of men have tried before and got denied even ones with more serious injuries. July 16th 1916 I just received word that a huge English attack was launched 2 days ago that's the day that I had finished mine. We must defeat the Germans soon, how can they hold off these attacks one after another non stop? Also I also heard that we have made some progress in moving the frontline forward. July 18th 1916 The doctor said I am fit for battle again and I saw the most amount of rats ever seen in these parts of the trenches, thousands of them all running trough the cabins scavenging for food. ...read more.


To fight? Maybe. September 9th 1916 The Irish just took control of Ginchy which means that the Germans are at breaking point so I'm guessing that there will be a full charge soon. September 23rd 1916 The last few days have been very quite and we have received word that the Germans have a new commander and have begun building a massive line of defence they call the Siegfried line or something I don't speak German but we all call it the Hindenburg line, I will be trying to stop them from proceeding or slowing them down hopefully I doubt it will be any harder then last time I fought. September 24th 1916 Well this is it we are all ready to go out there and get started, hopefully if I have time I will update while on the battlefield. Wow im on the battlefield and I think I got 3 so far and 2 of my mates have been picked off by a sniper, im just about to see if I cant find the sniper so I can get one of our snipers to try to take him out. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE History Projects section.

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