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World War II impacted a rise and fall of colonialism in Africa.

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Morgan Schworer May 13, 2011 American History 2nd hour Word Count: 1,177 Africa progressed on their journey to independence with the help of the events that occurred during World War II Wars are a way to solve organized conflicts in order to alter equality between countries. European colonialism was an ongoing conflict in Africa and by the help of world war two it greatly progressed into independence later on. The war was a time of justice and bravery for Americans in the war. It was the first total war in history and we wanted to attack with full force. The U.S. and the Soviet Union became the two main super-powers at the end of the war and were very much opposed to the idea of colonialism. Therefore, the United States played a key role in the decolonization. Since the beginning of World War 1, all of Africa except Libera and Ethiopia had been colonized. Ending the colonialism later on gave them tons of possibilities and freedom. World War II impacted a rise and fall of colonialism in Africa. They had helped Africa to build cities, towns and industries however they were suffering economic despair, lack of resources, destruction of land and suprisingly still not having that independence that they greatly desired. ...read more.


The Atlantic Charter was their key to gain Africa independence. They held the allies to their promises in the Charter. Africa could see the light at the end of the tunnel. We saw the spread of concentrated power in leaders of different colonies of Africa who took over and knew what they wanted in the future. There was more authoritarism in Africa than democratic governments. (?African Independence - the End of Colonialism and the Struggle for Nationhood?) In the midst of the war, the North African Campaign took place from 1940 to 1943. The West Desert Campaign (also known as the Desert War), Operation Torch, and the Tunisia campaign were all included and fought in the Libyan and Egyptian deserts. The operations were fought between the Allies and Axis powers. The U.S. entered on the allies? side in 1941 and began military assistance in North Africa in 1942. Fighting in North Africa started with the Italian declaration of war in 1940. Battles spread out throughout North Africa for the control of Libya and parts of Egypt. In the West Desert Campaign, Germany declared war upon France and the United Kingdom. First became a series of raids against Italian positions in Libya. ...read more.


The leaders of the colonies stood up and made the people stand by their side to their fight to the end of colonialism. As you can clearly see, if you look back in time he wars not only made our history but also is still making our history today. The wars of our generations will forever describe who we are as Americans. We are forever strong, fearful, and prosperous for the future ahead. World War II single-handedly influenced one piece of our miraculous history. That was the rise and fall of colonialism in Africa and Asia. For Africa not being as strong as a nation as it is today, it was hard not having someone to help them progress. However, with the help of the Atlantic Charter and WWII?s need of supplies and land it let them do just that. However, Africa and Asia also encountered problems in their journey to an accomplished unconquered nation. With the need of supplies, came their fewer amounts of resources for their people. Also with their immaculate need of land, came their less ability to build their own cities and towns. Therefore, in any journey to freedom there is going to be your hardships and prosperous events. The end of colonialism in Africa, cannot be described in words, how they even felt to lose all the weight of those aggressor nations on them. ...read more.

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