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World War One known as the great war?

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Why was World War 1 known as 'The great War'? World War 1 is know as the Great War, simply because it changed so much in the world. After World one war Countries could have lost lods of their land resulting in loss of economics, this changed who owned what land and has affected this way we live today. However some countries might think it's not great because of what they lost. This essay will cover all the reasons World war one was known as Great. This War was groundbreaking because nothing like this had ever happened before. Countries uniting and fighting, everything on a huge scale- Death, Weapons, People ect. This made the war Great because it was unique, one of its kind. World war one was unusual at it time because it was the first time chemical weapons such as Mustard Gas where used to kill enemy's. Before the war Aeroplane had been used for exploring places, in the war they used them for dropping bombs. ...read more.


For example a Mother could not only loose a husband all her children and brother father. This would have a significant impact on the way their family ran. World war one has influenced events today because the war wiped out a generation of men. If they had had children, then grandchildren, we might have more people in our class. There could have been another person like Albert Einstein. They could have invented something that changes the way we live now, but we will never know. It has proved that women are just as good as men at doing jobs. Now women can apply for any job, and not be judged on there sexuality. The war influenced Literacy and poetry, the articles people wrote, because of what they saw they could write them, people received money and this could influence other people lives because they could have paid for someone wedding. Which would change more people's lives. It's a chain; everything we do has a consequence on something else. ...read more.


In the United States its known as Veterans Day. In Australia and New Zealand its known as Anzac day. It is on the 11 November because that was the end of WW1, the date that the armistice was signed in 1918. It took place in Compiegne in north France at 5 am. The day was specifically dedicated by King George V, on 7 November 1919, to commemorate soldiers of the armed forces who were and are being killed during war. It has also been remembered by stautes and gardens such as the one in Staffordshire. Also several museums have done gallerys on WW1 or have a permanent exhibition such as In Flanders Fields Museum, Ypres/Leper, Hill 62 (Sanctuary Wood) Museum, Zillebeke, Hooge Crater Museum, Hooge and many more. World war one is not a great war because of the memories it left us with, however I believe the positive side over weighs it and we have achieved so much out of it. World war one is terrifying World war one is better than ... (iraq war ) example........ because.... World war one was known as great because ...read more.

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