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World War one story - The Third Light

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World War one story The Third Light Legend During the war in 1917, January 18th, at the frontline the others and me had just spent a whole week fighting it was our longest yet, well that year maybe. Sorry I didn't explain, I'm Mr Lockhart; I lead this part of the frontline after our previous major died last year. Anyway we had just spent a whole week fighting, but strangely enough we managed to kill all of them, the Germans and Austria-Hungarians (and Italians) across no-mans land are all dead. We killed them all, well in our area at least. Sure it was hard but we still didn't even lose one man during it. Now I am alone with a few survivors, and I have the duty to tell you of how I got from there to here. Here's what happened, it was recorded in my diary 20th We're going to camp today, we're going to request if a few of us can have leave. It would be best to have a few people stay but there is no-body left for us to fight so I think that there is no need for us to linger here. (at camp their request is refused) "Corporal Lockhart, you and your group of men will return to your places at the front line." ...read more.


I took us a while to get the joke though. We decided to go out to have a cigarette and see if we can chase of those blasted owls. So we went outside, but we couldn't see the owls so Herald went off to look for them. The air was extremely cold that night, he shouldn't have gone off by himself like that but we were pretty sure there was no one there. He insisted also that if he didn't get rid of them soon, he would go delirious. So we let him go, I was up there with Pike, Alex, Toby and Scotty. I lit the first one, then sat down. A while later Alex lit another, then we heard the footsteps coming towards the trench. Toby carefully peered over to see who was there, but he saw no one lit his. Then BANG!!!! As soon as the cigarette glimmer a red sickly light, he was shot. We all screamed, Pike foolishly ran over to the other trench, unprotected. We all heard the same shooting sound. We then knew he was dead... 26th The Major had soon got the message and came over as soon as he could, so this was more important than it seems. I still haven't told you every thing, in the morning we all went over with Alex's rifles. In the other trench we found, Herald. ...read more.


"Be quick, it'll get dark soon." said Cador "I don't know how long we will be so, don't smoke" "I never smoked. Well I did try it once..." said Alex We all looked at him. "But that was because my pants were alight!" Then we left. (A while later at camp with Major) "I see, so you think that's what happened? Well it fits... What should we do now, how can we stop it?" "It's getting darker, Cador and Bran quick think." "We could try overpowering it. It's attracted to the fire. We then ran back to the front line as fast as we could. When we arrived Alex and Cador brought all the oil they could carry into no mans land. While Bran and Scotty brought anything else flammable they could get. Major and I started to build a small fire. "Right then it's lit, everyone in the trench now it's dark. Quick!" I bellowed. We all ran into the trench just as we reached the same gun started shooting. "Alex! Fire at will!" Major hollered. Alex skilfully shot the top of the barrel of oil. Causing it to knock over and explode! BANG!!! Everywhere was lit up with a grand, stunning blue light that even lit up the sky for miles around. Everyone was speechless except Alex. "Which one was Will?" So in the end we got awarded a Victoria Cross for our bravery. Then we were give permission to go back Home. By Cherie Meads ...read more.

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