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World War One

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The first line in his poem describes the troops as being "like old beggars under sacks". This not only says that the men are tired but that they are so tired they have been compared to old beggers. "Coughing like hags" suggests that these young men who were in their teens were suffering from illness due to the damp, and fumes from the decaying bodies of their soldiers. Another simile Wilfred used is "His hanging face, like a devil's sick of sin'' suggests that his face is probably covered with blood which is the colour representing the devil. He also used a very powerful metaphor "vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues'' this metaphor tell you that the troops will never forget these horrific experiences. ...read more.


Lines like this one play a massiv role in poem it creates such a disturbing image to the reader that it makes them feel bad for sending people to war. . In Shakespears poem he uses speech which is full of images and figurative language and says how fighting for your country is a big joy, and is a good thing, Henry wanted hes troops to fight in the war, so he called hes servents brothers. The only reason he said that was so they could feel like they were being respected and wanted and were all one blood. Also Henry told hes troops how if they win or loss they will still be remembered. this gave the troops even more hope to join the war and fight because it made them think that even if they loose they will still be remembered as brave heroes who fought in the war. ...read more.


These two poems so incredibly far away, that it is very difficult to compare them. The one big difference is their attitude towards war. Wilfred Owen has actually been in a war. He saw what he wrote about. He was there, as the writing is his thoughts and feelings. One of the comparison in the poems is they both talk about war, and they are both trying to get a message across for example Shakespears message is that war is a good and joyful thing it will make you a hero and fighting for your country is a hounorable thing. As for Wilfred hes message is that war was not a pleasant thing and people who went there did not deserve to die, and the people who said fighting in the war would make you a hero, were wrong because all it did was give the soldiers hell and death. ...read more.

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