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Write a letter from a soldier going to fight in WWI

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´╗┐Friday the 18th of October 1914 Dear John (Dad), I have joined the army, finally! Oh I am so happy that I have actually joined, it seems like ages ago when I was a little boy and I first said to you that I wanted to become a soldier, do you remember? Before you left? This town has become an army town, everyone?s joining the army. I think it?s because of the government, they?ve made all these new posters, they have put them everywhere. You come out the house and the first thing you see is one of those army recruitment posters. ...read more.


They gave me no clue on whether I was picked or not and that?s why it made it more worrying. Oh my gosh I nearly forgot to tell you! The letter? you know, the one that?s got the results in for whether or not I got into the army. It was very important, came in an expensive envelope with fancy writing on it with the letters OHMS on it- On Her Majesties Service. As soon as I saw those letters I thought it?s either make or break here and as I opened it the tension started to build until it was all released out with an almighty YES! ...read more.


I done it because? well, you never believed in it, let alone me, I guess I just wanted to prove you wrong. Showing you that it isn?t as bad as you said it was going to be. I will show you dad? I will. Mothers and aunts reaction was very good, unlike yours would have been. They were so happy for me, proud that my dream came true, but also they were sad because they knew I would have to go and they would miss me so much. And I now hope that you are happy for me too and that you were wrong and you now know that I could fulfil anything I set my mind too. Harvey Messenger 9B ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Britain 1905-1951 section.

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