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3a ICT edexcel

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3a - ICT and Society This piece of writing will describe a range of technologies that I use at home and in school. Social Mobile Phones: Uses I have a mobile phone which I use to communicate. I use it for texting and calling people. My phone has Wi-Fi, Quad-band, infra-red and Bluetooth. I use my phone nearly everyday. It has messaging, games, the internet, a camera, a video recorder, music organiser, alarm diary, calendar, a contact diary, so that I don not have to remember people's number and some safety features such as a pin so that if it gets stolen it is not useable. I think that my phone is good but it is difficult to use because I does not have the internet which is a disadvantage but the advantage is it does what I need it to do. It meets these needs by allowing me to communicate and it but other things such as walkie-talkies and laptops would be able to do exactly the same thing and they have no tariffs and lower radiation. Disadvantages A phone can give you brain and head damages because of the radiation, bad eyesight; bad hearing and they are quite expensive. There are also high tariffs and while you are using one makes it harder to concentrate on other important things. ...read more.


I use my computer every day. Disadvantages My computer takes time to load up and it has to stay stationary unlike a laptop. It does not have much memory which makes it slow to download and upload files. However it meets my needs as I am able to do the things I bought it for. Other major disadvantages are that: its expensive, you need to learn how to use it, it is often slow, it uses a lot of electricity and there is always a better and cheaper version of your computer that comes out after you have bought yours. Psp The Psp is a games system which plays games and videos using UMD's (united media disks). It also can store music and pictures so it doubles as a memory stick. It meets my needs by allowing me to access the internet and email people like a laptop does and it lets me play games portably. However the Nintendo Ds does the same thing just as well and it has the advantage of being able to move while using the internet. Disadvantages The disadvantages of the Psp are that you cannot move while using the internet, you cannot play ps2 games or normal movies on them and you and the games are very flimsy. ...read more.


Smart Boards Uses Smart board are like whiteboards which are connected to the computer by a number of wires. The smart Board interactive whiteboard is a product of SMART Technologies. It is a large, touch-controlled screen that works with a projector and a computer. The projector shows the computer's screen onto the Smartboard, which acts as both a monitor and an input device. Users can write on the interactive whiteboard in digital ink or use a finger to control computer applications by pointing, clicking and dragging, just as with a desktop mouse. Buttons launch a popup keyboard and a right-mouse-click menu for more input options. The Smartboard interactive whiteboard in our classroom is on a wall. It meets the need of the teacher like and other whiteboard does but is allows the teacher to control what is written via 2 different inputting devices Disadvantages The disadvantages of a Smartboard are that at first they are difficult to use and can often get frustrating and the board can not be used with any other pen, which means that if you lose one then you cannot use any other coloured as the computer can tell that the pen is gone and will not allow you to change colours. Or if the rubber is out of the pen tray then it will only rub out. ?? ?? ?? ?? 3a ICT exercise Robyn Morgan 10T ...read more.

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