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A comparison of Office applications

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Word Processing Spreadsheet Database Presentation Web Editing Personal Organiser Drawing and Graphics Comments MS Office Word Good formatting features including wrapping and tables. Good OLE support and VBA recorder Excel Fully featured including all trig and business functions. Good range of charts, formatting, programming, etc. VBA recorder Access Relational database that allows user to create and edit relations without using scripts as in File Make Pro. Easy graphical interface PowerPoint Good range of backgrounds and styles. Front Page A very basic web site management tool not suited to the professional but adequate for educational use Outlook Fully featured personal information management package. Sharing appointments, diaries, etc. ...read more.


but also has very few desirable features compared with others described here Corel Word Perfect Office 2002 Word Perfect Good formatting features including wrapping and tables. Spelling and grammar checks VBA recorder Quattro Pro Fully featured including all trig and business functions. Good range of charts, formatting, programming, etc. Paradox Corel Presentations 10 Good range of backgrounds and styles but no help on getting a consistent style Corel Central Appears as several unconnected packages non of which are easy to configure or use Has not undergone any development for 3 years so out of contention now. Interfaces on most packages less easy to use than rivals Lotus Smartsuite Millennium 9.8 Lotus Word Pro Fully featured word processor but less easy to use. ...read more.


Handles PowerPoint files Draw Combined bitmap and vector drawing package offering large range of features Same price as Ability but offers far better range of features for Word Processing Drawing and Spreadsheets Open Office Same features as Star Office Same features as Star Office Same features as Star Office Same features as Star Office but can be downloaded for free Single application packages File Make Pro Relational Database although these by scripting and not shown in graphical way as in MS Access Mediator 7 Fully featured presentation package with a steep learning curve Macromedia Flash Dreamweaver and FireWorks Fully featured web management and creation tools with steep learning curve Site licences for all of these available for considerable discount in the education environment Comparison between different Office Productivity suites T Blunn - Prospect College Reading - Source PCPro June 2003 ...read more.

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