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A Database for a Football Team

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Identify Identification of problem I have been approached by a football club who have asked me to organise a database suitable to keep the records and information on the team. The current player list is in disarray and they need it to be orderly so as to refer to it, and obtain information quickly if needs be. In the past the records have been hard to update. The club needs to refer to the records easily so that they can contact the players and look at past records quickly. ...read more.


Discussion of software I have decided to use Microsoft Access for this project, because it is a package that allows you to create a database quickly and easily. I am also quite familiar with Access so creating a suitable database should not be a problem for me. Access has many functions which allow your to create an efficient database, and a few examples of these are: * Queries * Forms * Reports These functions are unique to Access and are not available in any other Microsoft package. ...read more.


Access boasts many features that are unique to it. The settings are really easy to change and the wizards are readily available to help create things such as forms and reports. Word lacks these features and is more of a word processing package that a database package. To create a database hand would cause too much bother and the papers could be left lying around and the records could become disorderly and could cause the secretaries to spend hours trawling through pieces of paper to find specific records. ?? ?? ?? ?? ckd 00:31 02/05/2007 ...read more.

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