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A description of how effectively different areas of the business communicate

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Task three: a description of how effectively different areas of the business communicate From the above interview I have gathered that communication is very important to WhSmiths. This is regarded so highly by them because they are a very large business and have to communicate with many different branches, suppliers, purchasers and a wide range of different departments. They have their own corporate Intranet and have websites available to Internet users worldwide. How Businesses Communicate There are many different methods of business communication. A good business must have clear and fast communication to achieve it's aims and objectives. To communicate clearly with internal and external sources they must use a various number of different ways. Incoming: * Information and messages * Writing, information technology * (Post, fax, Internet, phone) * Enquiries, Orders, Complaints Outgoing: * Information and messages for external uses * Writing, word of mouth * (Letters, quotes, catalogues, adverts, telltales) Internal: * Communication between functional areas * Word of mouth, writing, information technology * (Paper documents, telephones, fax, Intranet, Internal e-mail, meetings) ...read more.


Word of mouth: * Meetings * Conversation * Formal interview * Telephone * Answering a customer inquiry * Leaving a message Writing: * Letter * Memorandum * Quotes * Catalogues * Adverts * Notices Information technology: * Internet * E-mail (internal/external) * Websites * Fax * Teleconferencing All communication in any form is either incoming or outgoing. Incoming communication, which is all types of communication either externally or internally going to the business or their internal departments include inquiries, orders, complaints, information and messages. All outgoing communication, Information and messages for external uses from the business include letters, quotes, catalogues, adverts, and telltales. Business have three different department structures each with a different type of internal communication these three structures are hierarchy, matrix or flat structure. Hierarchy structure: Is where there is a distinct level of authority ranging from 'managing director, directors, managers etc.) With the managing director with the most authority and say over the rest of the company. ...read more.


* Telephone conversation * Faxes * Letters (and other written based communication methods, invoices etc.) * Complaints and problems (both for employees and customers) Iformation that benefits the whole company is sent via internal e-mail. They also have a intranet which can be viewed by employees to keep them informed about announcements and changes in the company. WHSmiths system is good because it is split into a wide range of departments concentrating on their won tasks and doing them to their best ability. This way tasks are achieved much more efficiently and tidily. Another of their strengths is they concentrate a lot on customer service. You can see this by how there departments are structured and they way they responded to the interview. Their only reel weaknesses are that logs must be kept for each individual department so you create a lot more paperwork and that they could end up concentrating on customer service too much and ignore other departments that need extra money or have fallen into a state of decline. Intermediate Part One GNVQ Business Alex Hayes 25/04/07 ...read more.

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