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A LOOK AT AMAZON.COM Amazon.com has a mission statement that says their mission is to use the Internet to transform book buying into the fastest, easiest, and most enjoyable shopping experience possible.1 based on the quality and size of Amazon.com, it would be correct to say that their strategic direction would be to provide the same quality shopping experience and customer service for multiple goods and services beyond books to ensure continued growth. And in doing so, Amazon.com still maintains their founding commitment to customer service and the delivery of an educational and inspiring shopping experience.1 Amazon.com has many qualities that keep them at the top of the e-retailing business. The first of their core competencies is being the leader in e-retailing. ...read more.


Navigating, selecting and purchasing products are very fast and easy. Having a well organized and user-friendly site is very enjoyable. Having a worry-free, uncomplicated shopping experience while visiting Amazon.com clearly makes their mission statement one that they can confidently stand by. Technology plays a big part of the e-retailing industry. It has many positive qualities that impact the industry. Technology simplifies the purchasing process. Since the industry is web based, it helps eliminate the nuisance of not having products when wanted by having the capabilities of placing orders 24/7 at any computer with web access. Technology will also standardize the purchasing process thus reducing processing costs associated with traditional processing. Capturing and maintaining customer data by Amazon.com will help increase productivity by being able to have fast data through put. ...read more.


A natural response to the threat of strong traditional competitors would be to offer what they offer. Offer Amazon.com products through a printed catalog. That way, they would be able to target those who don't have access to the web and those who don't like to participate in the traditional form of shopping. As long as Amazon.com continues their current business practices, they should always come out on top of the new companies emerging online. Amazon.com has many obvious strengths that they can take advantage of. By maintaining first class service, their huge database of customers will remain loyal to them, which in turn, will keep them as the leader in e-commerce. Another advantage is their one-click purchase. Being the ones that invented this technique has made Amazon.com a favorite. Because of Amazon.com's many strengths, they have the leverage to take advantage of the increase in usage of the Internet for e-retailing. ...read more.

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Response to the question

In summary, I would grade the report as a 'Merit'. This is the second highest level in ICT. The report gives an in-depth description of Amazon.com objectives and using analysis to review how the website uses technology to their advantage. ...

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Response to the question

In summary, I would grade the report as a 'Merit'. This is the second highest level in ICT. The report gives an in-depth description of Amazon.com objectives and using analysis to review how the website uses technology to their advantage. The report is very near a Distinction grade, and in order to gain this mark, the report needs to be formatted better and further detail in terms of technical terms. The report shows a clear understanding of how Amazon.com, uses their website to sell Books. The report goes further and discusses the reason to why Amazon sells a number of other products to allow the company to grow in the near future. This is detailed and explain throughout the report.

Level of analysis

The report looks at the reason behind Amazon's success on-line. Which the report explains in detail each reason and analysis each point. The report discussing how technology is a major factor behind Amazon.com success and the ability to use the technology to the advantage of the website. This is in-depth and looks at various points at different angles.

Quality of writing

The report is a block of text, without any formatting which makes the report very difficult to read as you're trying to decide where a new paragraph should be. The student would need to break the report into a number of clear sections. The student uses a wide range of technical terms, however on some occasions the terms aren't explained. Such as the term 'SWOT', this isn't explained and an non-ICT student wouldn't understand what this has meant. For a distinction, the report would need all terms used to be explained briefly, giving an everyday person the ability to understand with ease what the term means.

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Reviewed by danielbeal 19/02/2012

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