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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3472

A new IT system in a Dubai Marauders Rugby Football Club

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ANALYSIS OF PROJECT I am going to investigate how a new IT system in a Dubai Marauders Rugby Football Club can solve its problems. It is the biggest club in the region and most of its members are expatriates. It has a large rugby sevens tournament that takes place annually, and many international sides attend the tournament. There is also a good youth rugby scheme. It is located on the outskirts of Dubai City near to some motorways for good accessibility. Currently there are three grassed pitches, but there are plans to extend the number of these. During the tournament the club expects about ten thousand people to attend. Anyone who wants to use the club's facilities has to become a member. The Problem The current system used at the club is extremely poor. Applicants have to write all the details on a blank piece of paper. This often leads to the applicant becoming frustrated, as they do not know what information is required. The secretary then writes down the information on another pieces of paper and then clips the member's photo to and files it away. Currently the filing cabinets take up a lot of room and there are files of people who are no longer members. The secretary normally has to spend hours manually searching through all the filing cabinets to find the person's / peoples' file that they want. The club's finances are kept on sheets of paper drawn up by the financial officer. He has to do all the calculations and he has to re-check the answers to see if they are correct. Throughout the course of the year many letters are sent out en masse with the same content. The secretary has to type out each individual letter on a typewriter, and this takes up a lot of time. A lot of the games that the clubs have do not have many spectators, as advertising is poor. ...read more.


The testing on this task is to print out the whole database. Then I will manually go through the whole database highlighting every adult male who is not currently playing for a team. I will then compare these results with the one that the query produces to see if the results are right. TASK 4 - An Enrolment Form to Join the Club An enrolment form has to be produced so that people can apply to join the rugby club. There has to be enough space so that adequate information can be entered to complete the database entry. The enrolment form will be on one side of A4 paper as it is easier to use. There will be boxes for people write in and these boxes must be large enough for one letter each. A clear font will be used and it should be large enough to read from. The club's logo will be present on the top of the page. The input that is needed will be creating the questions. Also the club's logo will have to be produced for the enrolment form. Tables will have to be used to create the small little boxes for people to write in. This enrolment form must be easy to use and be easily understandable. There must be enough space for the applicant fill in all the details required for the database. There must be instructions on the form so that the applicant knows exactly what to do. There will be no testing for this task. Another option for this task is to use Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Publisher. In Excel there are already the cells which can resized to be little boxes. There is also the option to put lines around certain cells. In publisher I can follow the same method of that in Microsoft Word, but it is probably more efficient to make the form in Word. ...read more.


So what you see is the finished product. However, although this is simpler, it is not as effective and the club prefers html coding. TASK 9 - Pitch Schedule There have been many people complaining that the club's three pitches have been overbooked to train on. Teams can train for an hour on half of a pitch, but due to the current system of the staff remembering when the pitch is booked, many teams are training at once and not having enough room. The clubs wants a simple, easy to use schedule that can be changed weekly. The output will be a table form schedule. The days will be across the top and the times will down the left. The times will be at hourly intervals. There will be lines on the spreadsheet to separate different sections. There must enough room at each time to fit in two teams, as two teams can train on one pitch. The input is to design the schedule. The time intervals should be at hourly periods and teams can train on any day of the week. I have to create lines to separate each section. The schedule must be straightforward to use, as secretaries have to update this regularly. There must be hourly intervals and enough room for three pitches. It should fit on one side of A3 and the separate cells must be separated by gridlines. There must be enough room in each cell to write two teams' names in. There will be no testing for this task as the pitch schedule can only be tested by actually using it. People have to come and fill it in by hand and see if there are any problems caused. There are three programs that can be used are Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. Each has the facility to work in table form. I believe that Microsoft Excel would better to use, as it is a pure spreadsheet program. All I have to do is type in the cells (that are already there); resize them or put gridlines around them. Ian Smith Analysis ...read more.

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