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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1229

A Program for a Cinema Manager

Extracts from this document...


The cinema manager doesn't know how much to charge for each ticket so he can break even. So he is not sure how much to charge for each ticket. I will have to find out how much he makes and spends each year to help calculate the suitable price to sell tickets for to break even, anything he adds on is profit. The program I will be using is Microsoft Excel, a very useful spreadsheet program which is designed to display and process numbers. If this was done by hand, even with a calculator, it is very tedious and the manager wants an easy and most important of all quick. The program contains mathematical, statistical and financial calculations that can be applied to numbers, and it can even display values in the form of graphs and pie charts. The reason I want to use this program is because it is a very powerful, if the manager wants to see what would happen if he raised or lowered a price he could see exactly what happens to the rest of his calculations, if he changes an employee's wages, everything is automatically updated. ...read more.


* He then can compare that to his expenditure to break even * It will also need a title navigation screen to take you around the spreadsheet. Input: I will collect data and information about the business, these things include: * Employee costs * Cost for showings * Cleaning * Rent * Equipment * Furnishings * Estimated numbers of customers All of these things will be taken into account when building the spreadsheet. Process The computer will then be able to: * Use formulas to calculate sums and numbers regarding the businesses expenses and incomes * Show what happens if you change anything * Make mathematical findings * Calculate staffing expenses Output Then the manager can: * Print out account details for meetings * Can show partners or anyone else easily the accounts in a quick and easy way. * Can see how much to charge for tickets * Calculate profit via "what if" Easy Access To make my spreadsheet more easy to use and accessible I will put easy to use buttons on the sheet that takes you around the spreadsheet, for each individual worksheet. there will be a button that will take you back to the main menu. ...read more.


Outcome: successful Test Number What the test will do Expected results Result 1 Test the buttons take you to the selected page It should work Each f the buttons take you to the selected page 2 Drinks and sweets test and that the formulae work It should come to: �108.000 �108.000 See signed screenshot 3 Test that ticket sales It should come to: �9,504.00 �9,504.00 See signed screenshot 4 Ticket price and income "what if function" When the ticket price is �1.61 It should be �117.501 �117.501 see signed screenshot I feel that the project went well; I managed to make a well-rounded spreadsheet using the formulae I have learnt from my lessons. I think that the spreadsheet served its purpose well. I felt that it was easy to use and "user friendly". It is very easy to use on a busy day so they manager can make quick decisions and utilize the time he has to improve his business. I am sure the spreadsheet will make a good impression on his business. William Morgan Northbrook C of E School Last printed 11/01/2002 16:10 - 1 - ...read more.

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